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BDL 2017 Quarterfinals: #7 Portland Horned Owls @ #2 Seoul Dragons


Portland Horned Owls @ Seoul Dragons  

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BDL 2017 Quarterfinals: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.

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Portland GameDay Lineup:

QB1: Derek Carr
RB1: LeSean McCoy
WR1: Davante Adams 
WR2: Sammy Watkins
WR3: Jamison Crowder
TE1: Austin Hooper
LT:  Alejandro Villanueva 
LG: Luke Joekel
C:  Ben Jones
RG: Ryan Jensen
RT: Donovan Smith

RB2: Jordan Howard
RB3: Peyton Barber
FB:  Kyle Juzsczyk 
WR4: Jermaine Kearse
WR5: Seth Roberts
TE2: Charles Clay 
OL6: J.C Tretter
OL7: Spencer Pulley

Portland's 4-3 Defense:

DE:  Robert Quinn
3T:  Kawann Short
DT:  Timmy Jernigan
DE:  Michael Johnson
WLB: Telvin Smith 
MLB: Blake Martinez
CB1: Johnathan Joseph
CB2: Bashaud Breeland
SCB: Jason McCourtey
FS: Glover Quin
SS: Malcolm Jenkins


SLB: Bruce Irvin
RLB: Elandan Roberts
CB4: Sean Smith
CB5: Tramaine Brock
S3:  Daniel Sorenson
DE3: T.J Watt
NT:  Michael Pierce
DL: Hassan Ridgeway



Seoul Dragons

QB Matt Ryan

RB Jay Ajayi

WR AJ Green

WR TY Hilton

WR Chris Hogan (Q)

TE Travis Kelce

LT Donald Penn

LG Kevin Zeitler

C Alex Mack

RG Rodger Saffold

RT Ryan Schraeder


Bench RB Kenyan Drake

Bench RB Isaiah Crowell

Bench WR Tyrell Williams

Bench WR Mack Hollins

Bench FB Patrick DiMarco

Bench TE Jason Witten

Bench OL Matt Paradis

Bench OL Ronnie Stanley


LE Melvin Ingram

DT Shelby Harris

DT Geno Atkins

RE Robert Ayers

WLB Nigel Bradham

MLB Demario Davis

SLB Anthony Hitchens

CB Aqib Talib

CB Darius Slay

CB Kendall Fuller

FS Marcus Williams



Bench Edge Anthony Zettel

Bench Edge Derek Barnett

Bench Edge Jason Pierre-Paul

Bench Int Stacy McGee

Bench LB Devon Kennard

Bench CB EJ Gaines

Bench S Mike Adams

Bench S Barry Church

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Portland Horned Owls

Motivation: We're coming in as one of the hottest teams in BDL and we took Seoul to OT at home last week, this week we're gonna finish the job and knock them out of the playoffs. We're obviously fighting for our playoff lives and the revenge factor is turned up a notch considering we almost beat Seoul last week and we'll do our best to send them home today. Seoul will obviously be giving it their all but they still can't be 100% after losing Shazier to a brutal injury and now they're playing without McCoy.

Portland Offensive Gameplan: Ball control offense that will focus on running the football to control the clock and keep Matt Ryan off the field, We'll also make sure to get our WRs involved along with our RBs in the passing game to take advantage of Seoul's weaknesses. We'll mostly be keeping the same game-plan from last week but we'll make some adjustments to keep Seoul guessing on defense and move to a more run heavy approach.

The Passing Game: Derek Carr will be allowed to audible and make adjustments as he sees fit since we'll be depending on him to make the plays to beat Seoul's defense this week paired with a strong running game Carr should be able to make enough plays for us to get the W, we'll mostly be attacking the middle of the field since Seoul lost Shazier to an injury last week and doesn't have a capable replacement for him not to mention he's invaluable in making sure Seoul's defense is set right now they'll have to adjust to life without him. Davante Adams will probably get shadowed by Aqib Talib and while Talib is a master chain thief we feel like Adams can beat him on jump balls and in the end-zone we'll make sure to get Adams involved heavily since he's our best play-maker, Sammy Watkins will be our no.2 WR and be the deep threat of our offense I assume Darius Slay will cover him since he's capable of running with Watkins stride for stride we'll focus on getting Sammy involved on some bubble screens and a few deep shots here and there along with taking some shots deep off play action. Jamison Crowder will be our slot WR and we'll make sure to get him involved a bit since he has the best match-up of any of our WRs, We'll use Austin Hooper as mostly a checkdown option and try to get him his usual 5-50-1 stat line we'll also use some 2 TE sets with Clay to give Seoul some other looks on offense. Our RBs will once again be a massive part of our offense and since they're such a big mismatch for Seoul's LBs and safeties we'll make sure to get them heavily involved in the passing game along with using them as pass protectors, We'll leave a TE or RB in to block on a decent amount of plays to help our line against a fierce Seoul D-line and give help to Smith who is starting this week. We'll be using more play action this week since our run game should will be more of a focus and we should get some big plays off of that, we'll also be getting the ball out a bit quicker to Counter Seoul's pass rush.

The Running Game: Our bread and butter is being able to run the ball to set up the pass and if we can get our RBs to the second level they should be able to break tons of tackles against a lacking Seoul LB corps missing it's best player, We'll make sure to get Howard+McCoy at least 15 touches a piece and make sure they're heavily involved to keep the offense balanced so Seoul doesn't over-commit to blitzing Carr. We'll also make sure to use our TEs and a FB to help open more holes for our RBs and to make sure they have good holes to get through, We'll also use them in pass protection as needed and we'll use Juzcyck as a swiss army knife FB. If Seoul decides to put 8 in the box we won't be afraid to go a little more pass happy and take more deep shots to make them pay for that.

The Blocking: Our blocking is the worst aspect of our offense but our line should get the job done by opening some decent holes for our RBs and keep Carr fairly well protected. Losing our stud run blocking RT sucks but Smith has probably outplayed him this year and since Smith was our 6th lineman for most of the year he should be ready to start, we'll also make sure to have a TE or RB in to pass protect a bit more or have a G help him occassionally. With McCoy out it should make it a lot easier for my interior lineman and give Carr more time in the pocket.

TDLR; Control the clock, get our RBs involved, Get our WRs in space to make plays, Let Carr be a gunslinger and make plays.

Portland Defensive Gameplan: We'll mostly be playing a zone defense that will focus on getting pressure on Matt Ryan and forcing a turnover or two. Our Main goal is to shut down their deep passing game and forcing them to check it down and play dink and dunk since Matt Ryan prefers that IRL. We'll mostly be keeping the same gameplan from last week as well with some minor tweaks and adjustments, with an extra focus on limiting Green and Kelce. We'll have to keep Seoul under 28 points if we want to win so even if we give up some yards we'll have to be tough in the Redzone so we focused on Redzone drills this week.

Pass Defense: Seoul's offense has some fantastic weapons that most defensive units would struggle to contain and losing our best CB isn't going to make that any easier so we'll adjust by playing mostly Zone Coverage and forcing Matt Ryan to beat us via checkdowns and screens, Jonathan Joeseph will have to step up as our no.1 CB since he'll be covering Green on most of the plays and he'll get some help over the top on a decent amount of snaps, Jason McCourtey will mostly be covering T.Y Hilton when he comes into the slot, While Bashaud Breeland will man the other outside CB spot. Seoul does feature a 2 TE set quite a bit on their offense and likes to spread the ball around quite a bit to their weapons so we'll have Jenkins covering Kelce on a decent chunk of the plays but we do have the personel to limit their TEs and keep them from destroying us up the seams, Telvin Smith being back will also help in this regard since he's such a good coverage LB . My safeties will have to do their best to keep big plays from happening and I feel like they're up to the task since Quinn is a stud and Jenkins is a master at covering RBs and TEs, Telvin Smith (Hopefully) will be back this week to be the signal caller on defense and he'll make adjustments as he sees fit and should help our defense be able to be in position if he can't go for some reason Martinez will take over that task . We'll also feature some 3 safety looks with Sorenson on occasion to mix it up and give Ryan something else to adjust to. I don't expect Seoul to feature their RBs heavily in the passing game but we'll be ready for that in case they see that as an exploit they think they can take advantage of. We'll also drop 8 men in coverage on a decent chunk of the plays (around 20% of the snaps) to force Ryan to check it down where my LBs will be waiting to hit/force a fumble. With Mario Edwards Jr. out Michael Johnson will get the nod at DE and with him having a solid season he should get some decent pressure on Ryan, T.J Watt will rotate with Johnson quite a bit to keep him fresh and to give Watt some pass rush opportunities.

Run Defense: Seoul boasts one of if not the best o-line in BDL but we have an excellent counter to this with one of the best d-lines in BDL who should be able to clog up the interior running lanes and get some decent pressure on Ryan, We will be able to get some decent pressure on Ryan since he's prone to holding onto the ball too long waiting for his no.1 WR to get open. T.J Watt will rotate in with Johnson on passing downs and we'll use Watt as a blitzing LBer on occasion to get some extra pressure on Ryan as well. We'll also rotate my d-line quite a bit to keep them fresh later in the game, We'll play nickel,dime and goaline defense as the down and distance requires etc. We should be able to control the LOS or at least limit their running game and force Ryan into a turnover or two.

TDLR; Control the LOS, Get pressure on Matt Ryan, Force a turnover or two, force Ryan to check down so my LBs can make plays on the ball.

No matter the outcome of the game this was an excellent season and hopefully the 3rd time is the charm, Good luck for the rest of the playoffs if you beat us Ted.



Seoul Dragons


 First round of the playoffs, and we are going to run a balanced offense, using the strengths of our offense against an up and down defense.

Let’s start with the passing game. We are starting a 3WR 1TE offense but we will use as much the 2WR 2TE offense and we will use also some 4 and 5 WR sets to create mismatches against Portland defense. 

Our passing attack will be based on reads made by Matty Ice. We will use AJ Green and TY Hilton on deep routes. Joseph and McCourty can’t run with them, Breeland isn’t good enough and Gloven Quin can’t be everywhere. If Portland doesn’t run a cover 2 deep it should give us some opportunities for big plays that we want to take advantage of. Even if Portland runs a cover 3, we think we can beat those corners with deep routes.

Kelce will run zone coverage routes, either zone hitches or routes towards the sidelines. Kelce is an exceptional weapon, but with 2 exceptional counter weapons in Smith and Jenkins, he will probably be limited in man coverage. However, if Portland choses a zone coverage on any given play, he will be Ryan first read.

The slot receiver(s), Hogan, and Hilton in 4WR sets (with Williams coming in outside), will work the middle of the field. If Portland choses a cover 2 deep with man coverage, the middle of the field should be abandoned and we believe Chris Hogan can exploit that against Jason McCourty who is a fine outside corner but doesn’t really play in the slot IRL. It’s even worse in 4WR sets where, in man, Hilton would be lined up vs Sean Smith maybe, who isn’t good outside and doesn’t play in the slot either.

Finally, the TE2 and RB will be used as safety valves, though we will test Blake Martinez a lot if he happens to cover 1vs1 one our guys, especially Kenyan Drake who has a clear speed advantage over him.

Our running game will be heavily involved as well. Our running backs are much maligned, but they are all in exceptional form. Ajayi averages 7 ypc since he joined Philly and its non-trash OL. Kenyan Drake eclipsed the 100 yd mark in both games when he carried the load for Miami and its trash OL. As for Crowell, he’s averaging 5,7 ypc in the last 3 games in a resurgent Browns running offense.

We are gonna rotate all 3 of them with the hot hand getting more carries in the 2nd half. Kenyan Drake will be more involved on passing downs, with the Cro getting the goalline touches.

We are planning to run the ball mostly outside, but we will not avoid running inside. Short and Jernigan are two great players, but our interior OL is beastly and we’re confident in our ability to gain tough yards in the middle. However, our advantage is outside where we face a declining Robert Quinn and either Ogbah, who isn’t good, or TJ Watt, who is a little light for the DE position. We think with the help of Kelce and Witten as in line blockers, possibly DiMarco at FB, and with on occasion one of our athletic guards pulled outside, we can have big gains there despite the solid LB tandem Portland has. We are gonna use off tackle runs, pitches, counters, sweeps and traps to beat Portland there. We will also use some reverses to TY Hilton.

A last thing we are going to do is to spread Kelce out. It will allow us to see if Telvin Smith or Malcolm Jenkins follows him, giving us a hint of the coverage used, and, if that’s the case, it will empty the box a little bit and put more pressure on that outside DL to stop our running game



 Our defense starts with our play in the trenches. With McCoy injury, Shelby Harris gets the start and will be involved in more snaps than usual. Geno Atkins snap count will also go up a little bit. McGee will come in on running downs to make them breathe. On passing downs, we will do what Tampa did last week and use Robert Ayers inside. After McCoy got hurt, Ayers shifted inside and had one of his best games of the year in terms of rushing the passer.

Outside, with Veldheer on IR, Melvin Ingram will face the atrocious Donovan Smith. If Portland decides to leave a RB or a TE in pass pro, then we will start blitzing more but we doubt they do that. They could decide to double Ingram with Smith and Jensen (who is also questionable), but that would leave Joeckel one on one vs Atkins, which would work great for us. Therefore, we think we can apply a ton of pressure on Carr rushing just four.

Our edge defender will rotate quite heavily. Ayers will play outside and inside, Ingram will play 80% of the snaps, Zettel will see 40% of the snaps outside and Barnett/JPP will come in sparingly to rest the other 3 guys. That deep rotation should keep us fresh until the end, which will be important vs that running game.

With the return from suspension from Aqib Talib, we get back the 3rd member of the best cornerback trio in BDL. We are confident in our corners to win their matchups against Portland receivers and that will allow us to allocate more resources in run defense.

We will use an off man coverage with Talib on Adams, Slay on Watkins, and Fuller will man up the slot vs Crowder. Nigel Bradham will get Hooper and Marcus Williams provides deep help for one of our defenders depending on the situation 

That aggressive scheme allows us to have two linebackers, both strong run defenders, that will clog up the middle and keep McCoy/Howard in check. In passing downs, Mike Adams comes in as SS in place of Hitchens and we will run a cover 2 deep with man coverage.

Blitzing and zone coverage schemes will be used from time to time to surprise Portland offense, but they will not be a big part of our gameplan

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49 minutes ago, TedLavie said:

I'd like to point out that Portland plays in zone coverage but all its passing defense writeup is about how their defenders cover my weapons 1 on 1. Confusing

We're not gonna play on zone coverage the entire game, we're going to mix it up with some man coverage occasionally... Not really that confusing. 

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1 hour ago, Counselor said:

Carr fumbles into the end zone. Adams gets a concussion. Hooper lays a pooper. The rest is history.

Carr was 1 play away from winning, Injuries aren't relevant until next week, Hooper isn't really anything more than a decent blocker and checkdown option here.


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After watching Matt Ryan be painfully medicore on MNF I have to question where he can take advantage of Portland's back seven...

Seoul has the obvious advantage of their offensive weapons being a decent bit better than Portland's along with their o-line but Portland should be able to take Travis Kelce out of the game with Smith and Jenkins covering him, Seoul's RBs are solid but Portland's front seven should be able to keep them under 100 yards rushing. I'd expect A.J green or T.Y Hilton to go off for 150+ Yards since Portland was focused on stopping Kelce and getting pressure on Matt Ryan. Still Seoul's o-line should keep Ryan fairly well protected but struggle to run the ball but with Portland blitzing a decent amount I'd expect Ryan to eventually start seeing ghosts.... Portland has the overall edge on defense and should be able to limit big plays with excellent safety play but they're gonna get beaten pretty big by Green or Hilton.

Portland should be able to run the ball pretty well with McCoy and Shazier out and that makes Seoul's pass rush and coverage quite a bit weaker, though I'd expect Atkins to get some pressure on Carr. Ingram has a dream match up against Smith but Portland addressed that by giving him G help or leaving a RB/TE in to pass protect so I'll say he only gets 1 sack and some good pressure instead of destroying Carr. Carr was fine this week but that fumble is going to cost Portland here I'll say they lose a possession and 3 points because of it, Portland's RBs should be a nightmare for Seoul in the passing game and since they didn't even address them in the game plan McCoy goes off in the passing game. Portland's WRs have a tough match up but Adams should be able to beat Talib for the most part Portland's other WRs should make some plays  and with a strong running game that should be enough to keep up with Seoul.

End result.....I'm gonna go with Portland. This is one of the toughest games to decide given both teams are incredibly balanced but have flaws on both sides of the ball. Portland is probably the worse overall team but they have the better (if slightly confusing) game plan. Plus I feel like they made better adjustments based on last week's match up. 28-27 Portland in a surprising upset...Seoul is a fantastic team but I feel like Matt Ryan is their downfall and while he's been competent he's clearly regressed from his MVP form last year.

This is a game that could go either way though. 


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This is Seoul's game. I believe the ability of the weapons of Seoul will outmatch the secondary of Portland. I like Portlands attempt in their gameplan and I like their running game. This is very close for me. I just trust Matt Ryan enough. I know his play has diminished some but I think he gets it done here. The Seoul defense is just good enough to hold Portland off. They will have some issues though moving forward if they make it.

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I guess add me to the list of people confused by the Portland defensive gameplan. I'm going to stick with their phrasing and work under the assumption they will play mostly zone. If this is the case I think that Green and Hilton could be limited but that Kelce will have a big game. I trust Matt Ryan with the support of the run game more than I trust Derek Carr to be floated by his running game.

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