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Team Needs?


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1. QB - We have no future franchise QB if Ben leaves.

2. ILB - Obviously we do not know Shazier's future but we also can not take chances.

3. DB - Need to find safties that can tackle and not just hit

4. OLB - This is it for Deebo so we need fresh meat

5. WR - Most likely it for DHB and possibly(but I doubt it) Bryant. If they don't address this they will probably go with O-line depth...

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ILB - Who knows if Shazier will come back, and all the replacements seem to run a 5.00 40.  Too slow to cover.  

CB - With Haden out, and he's older and injury prone anyway, there is nothing behind him.  

S - Mike Mitchell has to go.  For that matter, lately it seems like Sean Davis should be replaced too!  

S - see above

TE - a more dynamic receiving TE would be nice.  


HM -
QB if Ben retires. 
RB if Bell leaves. 
WR depth is much needed....there has been nothing behind Brown and JuJu most of the season.
OLB depth and maybe an upgrade over Dupree

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Not knowing who is leaving etc, but here is what I would say:

CB - burns is inconsistent and in this league I think CB or serious pass rush is where it is at on D so consider CB

OLB - Dupree is disappointing , Watts is already better IMO and never had the triangle numbers and is a rookie

That should help the pass D, but ideally the pass rush would improve on pressures and sacks in the 3 second range. Coverage sacks and over 4 seconds just won't cut it vs the good QB's.

If Bell leaves, then RB especially if Connor needs surgery and there is no telling how he will be after that

If Ben retires, this is obviously a need. UFA or trades could be a possibility but I don't know what is going on there. 

Seems that every year the team always has many needs and loses players. If Ben and Bell go, that would be a challenge that I doubt would be replaced comparably in the first year. 

What QB's might be available in UFA or trade?

RB AP might be on the cheap but nobody here wants him. I would like to see how his yardage would be with our OL. Maybe with Gilbert and Finney for the OL too.

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