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The Cheezwiz Easter Mock

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5 hours ago, OneTwoSixFive said:

It's a name-recognition mock draft for me, at least it is for the first four rounds. After that, Briggs/Wallace/Jacobs/Ali/Reichard, in rounds 5-7, are just a bunch of unknowns to me.

Most of the time almost all the kids in these mocks are unknowns for me.  lol

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57 minutes ago, Rosser80 said:

Not a Kneeland fan and Bullard could easily be found at 58; then again, why double dip at Safety before that? DeJean will be moving to Safety in the league unless they move him to the slot and in a zone. It sounds like Hafley's more of a press man, aggressive coverage type of guy. I don't see that reflected in this mock.


On the other hand, I love the idea of Caeden Wallace and Talor Bartolini though Bartolini will probably be available in the 5th; scouting reports suggest he needs to bulk up a bit more and hit the weightroom.

Kneeland fits our ‘type’ more than Chop or Isaac. That could change with the new defense but I’m not going to project that here (I did in my previous mock). Seen him ranked around 58 on multiple boards. Had a great showing at the senior bowl and is a work out freak. 

Have seen Bullard ranked 42-50 on a few boards as well so I don’t think it’s too ridiculous. 

Legitimate point about doubling up there. It’s something Gute has done on multiple occasions but perhaps not with picks this high. My thought process was both guys are versatile and if we get em both, you really don’t need to be concerned about the secondary. 

Freakin cheers on Bartolini and Wallace though 👌👌 

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On 3/24/2024 at 12:10 PM, sgtcheezwiz said:

Updating this thread so I don't spam the forum with new ones.

My strategy here is to go defense early and often and get us back to the level of defense we saw in 2010. I wouldn't be surprised if we go get an offensive lineman in round 1, but I am not going to go in that direction in this mock. I think with this deep of an O line class, we can nab some talent on days two and three to serve as backups and provide some competition to the starters. I think these picks are better served on defense where we have struggled to be even mediocre for a long time. Secondly, I am not considering WR in any capacity. We are loaded there with Malik Heath and Bo Melton providing promising reps last season. No shot in my book. I'm happy with it overall though I did not work in RB earlier and I did not grab us one of the H-Backs. That could come in a later mock - I wanted to double to up in a few positions instead. 


Happy Easter!


25. Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa



41. Javon Bullard, DB, Georgia




58. Marshawn Kneeland, DL/ED, Western Michigan





And his RAS for DE:



88. Christian Mahogany, OG, BC




91. Marist Liufau, LB, Notre Dame




126. Tanor Bortolini, OC, Wisconsin




169. Jowon Briggs, DT, Cincinnati




Had some nutty pro day numbers, most notably the 39 bench reps.


202. Caedan Wallace, OT, Penn St




219. Curtis Jacobs, LB, Penn St.




245. Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall



255. Will Reichard, K, Alabama























Look forward to your thoughts!


Some nice picks here. I wouldnt be too bummed about any of this.


Surprised bertolinis arms are that short. Didnt know that. 


The kneeland pick feels like one we all shouldve seen coming after it happens

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4 minutes ago, packfanfb said:

Could definitely live with this. I might want a OT a bit higher but starting with DeJean, Bullard and Kneeland would be a win. 

If Bartolini lasts to the 5th, Dominick Puni and Javon Foster are two guys I like in the fourth. Patrick Paul looks like the top guy in the third and we haven’t really seen the Packers draft a tackle that big. Not that high anyways. 

Now if you’re talking a first round tackle or second round tackle, the rest of the mock can still work or you could change out Mahogany for Cole Bishop or something. 

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1 minute ago, HokieHigh said:

Some nice picks here. I wouldnt be too bummed about any of this.


Surprised bertolinis arms are that short. Didnt know that. 


The kneeland pick feels like one we all shouldve seen coming after it happens

Appreciate it Hokie! 

I know what you mean about Kneeland. Not a sexy pick there by any means but definitely fits what we’ve looked for historically. His RAS #’s are almost identical to Preston Smith. 

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