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Buccaneers sign Edge Rusher Randy Gregory


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3 hours ago, indifference said:

Seems like a rotational EDGE guy at this point of his career. Cupboard is bare so he most likely starts for us to beginning of the year. Worth the risk though with Kancey and Vea inside.

Seems like a rotational guy his whole career. That is not a puff puff pass joke, but it could be.

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Wanted Randy to be good and he has shown he can be at times. He still has some freakish gifts. Motivation is just clearly always going to be an issue for him and if the motor isn’t running he becomes a zero. Contrary to popular perception, he’s actually an intelligent and thoughtful guy but I just don’t think his heart is in football. 

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13 hours ago, Soko said:

Why’re people still talking about potential of a 31 year old edge rusher who’s yet to put it together?

Because the natural talent is still there. No one is saying he's got the potential to be an all-pro or anything. If you look at the comments the consensus is that he's a depth/role player, which is exactly what this signing is.

Now the word 'potential' comes into play when you're talking about what he can offer in comparison to the value of the deal. He absolutely has the 'potential' to outperform that deal. If he does, you're still only talking about 4-7 sacks IMO. Nothing earth shattering.  

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On 4/4/2024 at 4:17 PM, RaidersAreOne said:

I remember when he was with the Broncos and how horrendous he looked. I'm surprised he still has anything left to offer.

Maybe he doesn't.

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