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Cowboys sign RB Royce Freeman


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Honestly, I really liked Freeman when he was in Denver despite the lack of glam stats. Those Houston seasons were ROUGH though. Rebounded decently in LA on a stacked offense with a top-tier QB, fantastic WRs, and a workhorse ahead of him.

He's a much better receiver than you'd think, too, but hasn't been used there much at all besides his first couple seasons. Kinda reminds me of James Conner or Braelon Allen, who both will cost much more than Freeman, but he's undoubtedly worse than them. 

Definitely not the answer, but he also might not be a complete disaster? Maybe 3.8 - 4.2 yards per carry, which doesn't really cut it at RB the way it did ten years ago. He can convert some short yardage but you gotta keep him unntouched early in the play a la Conner. He'll break the tackle attempt but by the time he does he'll have another guy on him due to his slow get off. Probably also why he wasn't used as much as a receiver but I'm telling you, he can be solid on screens and angles. Just not a swing pass kinda guy. He won't make that first defender miss.

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10 hours ago, HoboRocket said:

Honestly, I really liked Freeman when he was in Denver despite the lack of glam stats.

You did? Why, out of interest? He was a massive disappointment in the eyes of most Bronco fans, myself included.

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On 4/16/2024 at 6:54 PM, 49erurtaza said:

Is there a team with a worse running back corps in the NFL right now?


It's exciting, because this draft is also just stuffed to the gills with more...mediocre to poor, underwhelming later round RBs that they could add to the mix to really put it over the top.



Anyway.  Royce Freeman always struck me as having a pretty cool name, but not being a particularly good or remarkable RB in any way.  And he's pretty darn old now in RB years, is he not?

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