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19 minutes ago, FourThreeMafia said:

He deserves it.

Really hoping he retires.   I wont feel comfortable seeing him on the field again. 

Yup. Its one thing to use it as motivation to get back to full health, but it would be another thing completely to line up on the field and get ready for that car crash again. After going through that, I just couldnt imagine the mental strain it would even have on himself every snap. You have to play fearless and I, personally, dont understand how that fear couldnt be very real inside of you at all times. 

I think its in his and our best interests to move on. 

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I unfortunately I agree and I have to feel like an NFL team doctor probably will never sign off on him playing again

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Here's a video of Tomlin describing his initial thoughts on the Draft Class. It's the typical puff piece but the main reason I posted it is because Tomlin is sporting the sweetest Steeler hat I've ever seen. I checked the New Era website but they don't have it. Any of you Yinzers know where I can get one?


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