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Packerraymond's 2018 Mock V1


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Quick Hits: We go 7-9 and draft somewhere in the early teens.

Dom Capers retires at seasons end and is replaced by LB's coach Winston Moss.

3 year extension given to Mike McCarthy (the lame duck HC scenario scares me)

TT potential extension pushed off until fall/winter 2018 where a meeting with Mark Murphy will determine what Ted wants to do in the future.


Randall Cobb (Cobb + rollover leaves us about 50m to spend)


Davante Adams (4/48, yr 1 cap hit of 8m)

Morgan Burnett (3/24, yr 1 cap hit of 6m)

Corey Linsley (3/21, yr 1 cap hit 5m)

Richard Rodgers (2/3)

Jeff Janis (2/3)

Position Changes:

Jordy Nelson to slot WR: Age has caught up to Jordy, still extremely valuable possession WR with Aaron under center, but probably his last year in GB.

Clay Matthews to ILB/OLB: Goes to EDGE in the NITRO package, but he plays ILB in base, also probably his last year in GB

Bryan Bulaga to RG: Spriggs takes Bulaga's spot and we try to squeeze another 2 years out of Bryan as a RG.

Free Agency: 

Jimmy Graham TE (2/20): I dont want to, but you almost have to, way I see it, you either invest FA capital on the O and use more draft capital on the D, or vice versa. TE class sucks in FA, you're either paying for Graham or investing 1 year in Eifert on a prove it deal like we did Cook. TE class is mega top heavy and Graham has shown this year he's got a few good years left. Seattle ranks 30/32 in cap space and has newly acquired Sheldon Richardson and Luke Joeckel up as well as up and coming WR Paul Richardson. Safe to say Graham either takes a discount or goes elsewhere. Why take a discount when you can make the same and play with Rodgers?


Donte Moncrief WR (1/7): Moncrief takes a Terrelle Pryor deal to try and maximize his value and hit a big FA contract. Hell with Jordy expiring, if he takes off he can get one here. He's a 6'2 220 guy that ran a legit 4.4 and jumped 40 inches at the combine. There's some real athletic ability to work with there that we haven't had at WR in awhile. The Colts have some money to sign him, but with looming Andrew Luck questions, Moncrief decides to look to the market to see what he can get and decides a 1 year prove it deal with Rodgers is a good bet on himself for his career.


Bashaud Breeland CB (3/27): Washington is another team in rough cap shape that's going to have to sign Cousins or franchise him yet again, they also have some EDGE and OL free agents. Breeland has been and under-appreciated man cover guy. I'm hoping a new DC will play more press man and trust his 2 outside guys. Having King and Breeland would be a nice start for him. Keep Randall in the slot and dial up some cover 0 blitzes. 



DRAFT: (COMP Picks 3,4,5,6) 


Round 1: Arden Key 6'5 250 EDGE

School: LSU

Key is the type of prospect we never really get a shot at due to picking in the late 20s every year. The guy comes with quite a bit of risk, but he's your dream EDGE when you're making up the ideal 3-4 defense. Power, bend and length, Key has all 3, neither Matthews or Perry do. There's a bit of risk here, Key's a top 5 talent that will go from 10-20 based on this off-seasons disappearance from the team for undisclosed reasons. Key battled injuries this year including shoulder,knee and finger injuries and was only his true self in spurts, but that's the only reason we'd have a crack in the teens. It might be safer to take Harold Landry here, but I see a Nick Perry type player in Landry, good but never great. 2016 Key has a chance to be a Von Miller/Mack/Peppers type pass rusher in this league. The reward with Aaron's career winding down is simply too great to pass up.



TRADE: (Packers trade Rounds 2, & 3-4 comps to move back into round 1 with their friends the Patriots)

Round 1: Taven Bryan 6'4 290 DL

School: Florida

We get both our outside and inside rush help on day 1. Depending on how freaky Bryan is at the Combine he may not be here. His production doesn't match the ability at this point, but his first step is special IMO. Daniels, Clark, Bryan, Adams, Lowry has Trg going in to camp one happy man. Hopefully we can rely a little less on Daniels to keep him fresher for pass rusher situations. If Clark takes one more step and Adams has a healthy off-season and makes the year 2 jump, this could be a scary good unit.


Round 3: Michael Gallop 6'1 195 WR

School: Colorado State

Gallop is a very Green Bay-like WR prospect. Like just about everyone we draft, he's not going to run in the 4.3's, but he has all the tools our scouting department likes. NFL body, quality routes, quality hands, can track and high point a ball, etc. Wouldn't be surprised to see him end up being a James Jones caliber guy has his frame fills out into the 200s.


Round 4: Jaylen Samuels 5'11 235 H Back

School: NC State

I can't help but think Mac will watch all the bubble screens and be drooling about being able to keep those in the playbook. Kidding aside, Samuels would be a first round pick IMO if he was 6'3 245, but he's short. Still think you can do quite a bit with him as a RB/FB/TE/SLOT guy and we lose our gadgety type player in Cobb so it will be nice to add someone back.


Round 5: Austin Corbett 6'4 310 OL

School: Nevada

4 year start, college tackle, smart, athletic, pretty much a lock to be one of the guys we look at for the OL. As long as Spriggs continues his weekly improvement at RT I think Bulaga gets a long off-season look at RG. Murphy, Amichia and McCray hold the backup spots, you can improve on McCray pretty easily, but he was decent. Amichia is probably the one Corbett battles for the 8th spot.


Round 5: Christian Campbell 6'1 195 CB

School: Penn State

I'd have liked to add a CB a little sooner, but I feel like the top 3 we have in this scenario are real solid. Campbell has been solid for Penn State, will battle Rollins, Hawkins and Pipkins for the 4th CB job.


Round 6: Justin Lawler 6'3 255 EDGE

School: SMU

Late round EDGE guy, college production but probably won't have any overly redeeming measurables. 


Round 6: Ethan Wolf 6'5 250 TE

School: Tennessee

More of a pure TE than Samuels, we take one late here to develop, probably loses the battle to Rich Rod and ends up being a PS guy.


Round 7: Javon Wims 6'4 210 WR

School: Georgia

Bigger WR than we currently use, but I'd like to see one of these body styles stick with us.


Round 7: Arrion Springs 5'11 190 CB

School: Oregon

Was a top flight recruit who has a lot of athletic ability/experience, but never really found the ball. Worth a late flyer.



Camp Depth Chart:

QB: Rodgers-Hundley-Callahan

RB: Williams-Jones-Monty-Mays

FB: Ripkowski-Samuels-Kerridge

WR: Adams-Moncrief-Nelson-Gallup-Allison-Janis-Davis-Wims-Clark

TE: Graham-Kendricks-Rodgers-Wolf

OT: Bahktiari-Spriggs-Murphy

OG: Taylor-Bulaga-Corbett-Amichia

C: Linsley-McCray

DL: Daniels-Clark-Bryan-Lowry-Adams

EDGE: Perry-Key-Matthews-Fackrell-Biegel-Lawler (Probably another June 1st guy here)

ILB: Martinez-Matthews-Ryan-Thomas

CB: King-Breeland-Randall-Hawkins-Rollins-Campbell-Springs-Pipkins-Brown

S: HHCD-Burnett-Jones-Brice-Evans

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Quality effort, thanks. No clue on the draft picks, I'm sure others will chime in


A couple years back, Winston Moss was well thought of around the league. MM even elevated him to Assistant HC to keep some teams from poaching him

He did the HC/DC tour and met with several teams. Those interviews did not go well per some of the reports I read and his days of interviewing were quickly over. Even the Rooney Rule interviews stopped. Not sure what that means, but there is some concern over elevating Moss to the DC role given his poor showing on the interview tour.

"...The Oakland Raiders recently met with Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Winston Moss in Green Bay about their head-coaching vacancy, and multiple league sources said the session didn't go particularly well. Moss, considered one of the early favorites for the job, is the fourth person to have been interviewed by Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie"

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Nice job on the mock.  My only thoughts that differ from yours are, I think Graham will probably sign a Seahawk friendly contract, don't see him leaving.  I really don't like the thought of hiring a new DC from within.  I really think we need a more aggressive style, fresh faces.  I am not going to argue about which player goes in what round with your draft, nobody truly knows, so it's just silly to argue.  With all said and done, if this what our offseason would be, I would be ok with it.  Thanks for the work on the mock.  Oh, one last thought.  If by any chance they hire a college DC to come in, they would have to clean house, and maybe not by choice on the defensive side.  Thinking some coaches would be pissed and leave.

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Moss probably isn't the pick we're hoping for at DC, I just see Mac going with someone he knows. As stated Flores out of NE would be my guy.

I'm hoping were aggressive like this in FA, next year Nelson and Matthews come off the books, we actually are looking like we will be in the top 10 in cap space next year. We have plenty of room to backload some deals. A contending team should never be in that top 10.

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28 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

Moss probably isn't the pick we're hoping for at DC, I just see Mac going with someone he knows. As stated Flores out of NE would be my guy.

I'm hoping were aggressive like this in FA, next year Nelson and Matthews come off the books, we actually are looking like we will be in the top 10 in cap space next year. We have plenty of room to backload some deals. A contending team should never be in that top 10.

How does Mike know Flores?

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