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1. Reward challenge - Gives advantage to winning tribe.
2. Immunity Challenge - Tribe that wins is safe from eliminating a player. 
3. Vote - The losing tribe votes a player out of the game.

Monday - Reward challenge Posted 
Wednesday - Reward challenge results, Immunity Challenge Posted.
Saturday - Immunity challenge results.
Monday - Tribal council, player sent home, repeat. 

Rules are posted in my second post.

Previous Winners
Survivor 1: MookieMonster
Survivor 2: Malfatron
Survivor 3: TedLavie

Shady's Survivor Winner:

Current Challenge Link:


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Posted (edited)


1. NO SHARING SCREENSHOTS OF PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS. You may say what others said, but you cannot show proof. There are no tape recorders on the island, so proving irrefutably what other players say is not allowed.

2. When you’re voted out, you have an opportunity to spill the beans on anybody as you’re walking off the island. After that, you cannot say anything game related to anybody. You can still comment in thread, laugh at people getting voted out who scorned you, taunt other players, but you cannot reveal game information after your initial goodbye. 

3. Missing a deadline will have HARSH punishments. A missed vote gives you an automatic vote against you with each consecutive vote. A missed reward challenge deadline will receive a score punishment for your tribe. A missed immunity deadline will receive a penalty for your tribe or forfeiture of your ability to compete for the next immunity idol if tribes have merged. Reward challenges will not count towards a three missed deadline limit. If you miss three votes or immunity challenges total, you will be eliminated from the game. Missed votes impact other players in the game. Missed immunity challenges harm your team. 

4. Follow all reward/immunity challenge rules. I might miss potential warnings and other heads up as far as what might be foul play/bad sportsmanship. If something seems close to cheating or cheating adjacent, use your best judgment to avoid it. If in doubt, ask me privately. 

5. If you see proof of another player cheating, send me the evidence and the cheating player will be dealt with harshly.

Player List:

1. @Malfatron
3. @skywindO2
4. @FinneasGage

5. @ET80

1. Scoundrel
2. Touch
3. Daboyle
4. Adam

1. Nazgul
2. Slappy MC
3. Whicker
4. The Orca
5. Pickle Rick
6. BCB
7. TedLavie

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Posted (edited)


Eye for an Eye
After a warm-up reward challenge, the game started with a really difficult, dirty and downright disastrous immunity challenge. Slappy and Forge burst out with the Eye for an Eye challenge, but then Finn and Scoundrel found a better way. A few of the Whicker's Bickers got angry. Nutter Butters jeered. It went normally enough until Nazgul and Touch could not complete their course. 

Nutter Butters won the first Immunity Challenge and the Whicker Bickers voted out... Nazgul.

One Word Franchise
The next reward challenge went fine. The reward aspect of the challenge... Oof.

High Score
The game of Survivor went from 60 pages to about 90 pages in no time at all as The Whickers Bickers had a meltdown over the reward they received. Jeff doesn't know Pokemon and thought it was too niche for a challenge. Whicker Bickers chose Connect Four and couldn't connect three. They lost. After such a heated Immunity Challenge, who will be voted out next is yet to be determined. 

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5 hours ago, MacReady said:

The first two players to sign up have extra errands. They receive no perks, no benefits, no special knowledge other than this:

1. They get to name their tribe and pick their tribe color.

2. They get to draft their tribe.


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It’s settled.

Whicker and Daboyle will draft and name their tribes.

Now we wait for enough players to sign up to start the draft.

Everyone can communicate with everyone until tribes have been drafted and named.

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  • ET80 changed the title to FF Survivor 4 FURY ROAD: IMMORTAN ET CONTROLS THE AQUACOLA!

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