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Raider Offseason Workouts (Rookie minicamp, OTAs & more)

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9 hours ago, big_palooka said:

Why wouldn't they opt for Napa? Always seemed like a good setting there.

Unwanted attention maybe? With Oakland now losing the A's, I could see the NorCal folk being irked that they're back around for a tease. Could be overthinking it though. 

I feel like the Raiders want good vibes and mojo right now since there is at least a slight perception that we're sorta punting on this year and maybe even next. AP being from SoCal probably plays a role too. Plus....hey we'll probably draw more of a crowd than the Dolts do for regular season games and any opportunity to stick it to them in their territory is welcome. 

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4 hours ago, agarcia34 said:

If you live in that area you’re gonna have your pick of training camps to attend. Big win for the NFL. 

Raiders, Rams, Saints, Chargers and Cowboys

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46 minutes ago, bucksavage1 said:

Parham sliding to RG makes a lot sense

He was poor at run blocking at LG not sure how we expect him to be better at RG when that usually requires stronger run blockers. 

More likely we just having a look at various positions for the OL. 

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