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Bring back two former Patriots (1 offense, 1 defense)


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Caveat: they can’t have ever reached a Pro Bowl or All-Pro in their careers (not just as a Patriot).

Does anyone entertain Brandin Cooks offensively? James White as a pure 3DB? With a gaping hole at LT, what about Nate Solder, who was decent in NE, albeit not special? Solidly RT with Vollmer? Jules sure is tempting.

Defense is a pretty mixed bag. Bring back Trey Flowers? He’s not a pure edge rusher, and does overlap with Wise and White’s skill set a bit.  Patrick Chung was awesome but he might be redundant with Dugger and Peppers aboard. Side note; hard to believe each of Willie McGinest, Devin McCourty, and Dont’a Hightower only have two pro bowls each.

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For this current team?

On offense, I'd go Malcolm Mitchell. I think he'd be a great fit in the AVP offense.

On defense, give me Logan Ryan. Guy could (and did) play any DB position and all at a high level. I'd put him as the deep specialist so Pep/Dugger can roam free.

HM: Nate Solder who if not spectacular was always solid.

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4 hours ago, Nex_Gen said:

On offense, I'd go Malcolm Mitchell. 

On defense, give me Logan Ryan. 

Man, it really would’ve been interesting if Mitchell stayed healthy. Does that mean the team doesn’t reach on N’Keal in 2019? What if they still take a WR, but just take one later? We know how crazy that second round was (AJB, DK, Deebo). I don’t know if a better receiving core would’ve enticed Brady to stay, but it sure would’ve helped.

3 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Nate Solder and Ty Warren

Didn’t even think of Warren, he’s a good one. DT is a lowkey need for this team, not much at the big man position aside from Barmore.

Was almost tempted to go KVN, but the LBer spot is already pretty decent compared to being light in the pants at edge, DL, and FS. Jason McCourty?

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No PB and AP makes it tough.

Steve Neal and Nate Solder to stabilize the OL on two spots. Maybe even Dan Connolly, he can mooonlight as a kick returner.

Kevin Faulk or James White as pass-catching 3rd down backs.

I wanted to bring in some LBs, but all three of Collins, Hightower and Mayo made PBs and two of them are already on the coaching staff. I wouldn't mind KVN, Ninkovich, Warren, Ryan, maybe even Harmon back on D.

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