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2025 1 round mock

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On 6/3/2024 at 4:29 PM, Daniel said:

You have one going at 5 and one at 6. I think you’d be hard pressed making that distinction for a QB needy team.

Ya but even then I felt like it was a reach.  Based how this first round went u can still get a potential starter at qb round 2. 

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On 6/1/2024 at 5:23 AM, LinderFournette said:
1.NFL-team-logoWill JohnsonCB Michigan
2.NFL-team-logoLuther BurdenWR Missouri
3.NFL-team-logoBenjamin MorrisonCB ND
4.NFL-team-logoDeone WalkerDT Kentucky
5.NFL-team-logoCarson BeckQB Georgia
6.NFL-team-logoShedeur SandersQB Colorad
7.NFL-team-logoAbdul CarterEDGE PSU
8.NFL-team-logoTetairoa McMillanWR zona
9.NFL-team-logoJames Pearce Jr.EDGE Tenn
10.NFL-team-logoWalter NolenDT Ole Miss
11.NFL-team-logoHarold PerkinsLB LSU
12.NFL-team-logoEarnest Greene IIIOT UGA
13.NFL-team-logoPrincely Umanmielen EDGE
14.NFL-team-logoMason GrahamDT Michigan
15.NFL-team-logoNic ScourtonEDGE Texas
16.NFL-team-logoEmeka EgbukaWR Ohio
17.NFL-team-logoKelvin Banks Jr.OT Texas
18.NFL-team-logoKenneth GrantDT Michigan
19.NFL-team-logoDani Dennis-SuttonEDGE
20.NFL-team-logoDenzel BurkeCB Ohio State
21.NFL-team-logoTyleik WilliamsDT Ohio
22.NFL-team-logoQuinshon JudkinsRB Ohio
23.NFL-team-logoColston LovelandTE Mich
24.NFL-team-logoEvan StewartWR Oregon
25.NFL-team-logoOllie Gordon IVRB Ok State
26.NFL-team-logoWill CampbellOT LSU
27.NFL-team-logoNic AndersonWR Oklahoma
28.NFL-team-logoTravis HunterCB Colorado
29.NFL-team-logoMalaki StarksS Georgia
30.NFL-team-logoBarrett CarterLB Clemson
31.NFL-team-logoTyler OnyedimDT Iowa
32.NFL-team-logoAndrew MukubaS Texas

Ewers and Milroe are not 1st round picks.  I do not see that happening.


Also how exactly is Will Campbell not a top 10 pick, arguably top 5.  Dude has rock solid fundamentals and could be a great LT in the NFL.  

Also Egbuka is way overrated, I really doubt he is a top 20 pick, I see him as more late 1st rounder.


As for Hunter, would be very surprised to see him fall that far, but his tackling and toughness is pretty suspect so unless that is greatly improve if he stays at CB that could be an issue.  Also his health, can he hold up all season and play well especially if he is still going both ways.  


Also not sure how these guys are not all 1st round picks.  Jackson my guess is he has a better more dominating year than Dennis-Sutton but I agree Dennis-Sutton could be a breakout season no question.  Payton should be a total star this year for FSU and Dotson is a big time play making CB.  Mykel Williams I would be very surprised if he is not a 1st rounder as well.  And Booker should be easily the best OG potentially and he is a great leader and a physical force that can move guys easily on the field.  

Patrick Payton Florida State RS JR DE  
Tyler Booker Alabama JR OG
Mello Dotson Kansas RS SR CB
Deontae Lawson Alabama RS JR ILB
Landon Jackson Arkansas SR DE   
Emery Jones LSU JR OT 
Jonah Savaiinaea Arizona JR OG/OT  
Mykel Williams Georgia JR DE


Mukuba maybe could sneak into a 1st round pick but he has a lot of improvement to make honestly.  Evan Stewart no question could have a breakout season on the Ducks but time will tell.  Greene I like on Georgia as a potential LT but again for him to be picked over a far more proven and productive Will Campbell, not super likely, also not sure he is picked over Jones off LSU either or Savaiinaea on Arizona.  


Deone Walker to me is a lock top 3 pick, he moves guys around like no other DL and he is such an athlete for being a massive dude.  I also used to have Carter over Perkins but after watching more, hard to not like Perkins, that guy hits so hard, is very powerful and compact and could be a great speed ILB in a 4/3 or 3/4 or could be a situational edge who can really get after the passer.  I do think Carter will be a great edge rusher though this season even though he is already pretty solid as an off the ball LB.

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On 6/17/2024 at 3:49 PM, TakeTheBallDeep said:

Always appreciate anyone who does a mock this time of year. My biggest takeaway is a CB going # 1 and two CBs going in the Top 3. I would be stunned if a CB was to go first overall 


U could make a case for practically any position for the panthers.  I just find Johnson to be an Elite CB.  Morrison is a very good cb.    It's just gonna be interesting to see what QB emerges as worth a top 5 pick cuz I really don't like this QB class and I think it would be interesting to see how the draft order lines up cuz there's quite a few teams that could go QB but there's also a decent case as to not go QB for them as well.

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