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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 28 - Offseason)

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5 minutes ago, LAOJoe said:

"sufficient data". lol The wording has changed. Nacho is done with letting loopholes slide. Only one I think he lets slide is coaches can stay until they die lol.

Well, I don't think we need to abuse the tag system with ridiculous alignments. Drafting a bunch of viable QBs and starting them at FB, K and P to tank and enter the next season stronger wouldn't help the league. There has to be a line drawn somewhere.

(The coaches thing is different, as I don't believe that they rely on the "last three years", but that's just a theory I have.)

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7 minutes ago, rackcs said:

I'm running it back for one more season at least. I'll sit down sometime this week or next and do tags and stuff. Unless the deadline is before then, just let me know lol

You've got 12 or so days until tags are due. You're good.

(If you want to make a fortune, do some quick research on tag values and open up a tag shop. You'll have buyer lining up.)

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3 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

Stadium name: Hell's Desert

Stadium type: Outdoor Dirt

Timezone: Mountain

Temperature: 100

Precipitation: 0

Wind: 60

At least it isn't humid.

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