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Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

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Big Z was batting as a DH for the Chicago Dogs today. Went 2-3 with a run scored. 

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17 hours ago, pwny said:

Definitely. Especially for the kids. They have 4, right? 

At least 3 for sure.  But the initial court document filed by Ben in Tennessee is alleging "inappropriate marital conduct" by Juliana, which does not necessarily give hope on that front. 

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5 hours ago, Breesus mode said:

Almost forgot with my vacation, who are we looking at drafting?

The smart bet is on the college bat the FO likes the most.  Here are some guys that have been mocked around the Cubs' range:

- Michael Busch - UNC - LF/1B

- Braden Shewmake - A&M - SS

- Logan Davidson - Clemson - SS

- Greg Jones - UNC Wilmington - SS/CF

- Kody Hoese - Tulane - 3B

- Will Wilson - NC State - 2B

- Kameron Misner - Missouri - OF (I actually haven't seen him mocked as low as the Cubs, but he's been bad in SEC play and his stock is dropping hard)

Of course, they could be way ahead of the rest of the scouting community on a player and pull the trigger on them as well.  They did that with Nico Hoerner last year.  He'd probably be a top 10 pick right now if the draft was redone and the Cubs "reached" for him at 24 last year (was generally ranked around the 50th best prospect predraft). 

I personally would really love to see Greg Jones be brought into the system, assuming the powers that be are sold that he will continue to make contact as a pro.  He's a switch-hitter with great bat speed from both sides and true 80 grade speed.  That would be fun to add.

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