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Chicago Cubs Thread - The Ricketts are too poor to pay players


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26 minutes ago, iPwn said:

Rough to see us waste a great hitting day like that. 

Yeah.  I think it was the 5th inning where all 3 outs had exit velocities over 100 mph.  Martinez was soooooooo lucky today.  But there is no excuse for the bullpen either.  On the bright side, the odds of all of Strop/Edwards/Rondon having zero ability to throw a strike at the same time are not high.  Call it a blip and win the next 2.

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19 hours ago, iPwn said:

Three of the last 8 games, we've allowed at least a 7 spot in one inning. We can't keep doing that.

I wouldn't expect it to happen again.  That was literally the worst start of Lester's career for one of them, and Edwards/Rondon aren't going to be that bad on the same day again (at least to that extent).

But KB's back already today and has a basehit in his first PA.  Dude isn't human.

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5 minutes ago, hrubes20 said:

When you get 2 hits in 7 innings against a guy who had a 5.08 ERA over 102 innings coming into the game; #thatscub.

Meh, he's had 3-4 rough starts (3.2 ip/9 runs vs cinci, 1.2 ip/9 runs vs Balt) but other than that, he really hasn't been that bad. Certainly not 5.08 bad. 

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