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Former Texans starting CB Steven Nelson retires


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1 hour ago, VigilantZombie said:




Cornerback played in NFL for nine seasons as a starter, intercepting 13 career passes, including the former Chiefs third-round pick’s tenure in Kansas City and with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and the past two seasons in Houston.

How have not heard of this guy? Dude intercepted 13 passes including a 3rd round pick, the Steelers, the Eagles, and 2 seasons in Houston.

First ballot if you ask me.

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Yeah I wanted him on the Cardinals because he's firmly in that Robert Alford tier as a pretty good number two on the field, can still play outside in his 30s. But Nelson burned his bridges with Houston and was adamant that he wouldn't take less than his asking price in FA. Have to imagine that after playing on a 2 year, 9 million deal he wasn't going to take less than a 1 year, 9 million. He's coming off a year with 5 INTs and really consistent boundary play as a 30 year old.

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