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Garbage Pail Kids Cards Mafia : TOWN WINS!!

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The game

*day phase/night phase is the same as a typical game. Day phase players vote to evict. Night phase, the mafia get together and decide on a kill

* Every character has no abilities, but has one or more garbage pail kids cards. Basically, the game is a bunch of JOATS
* Every card is unique in name, but may have same effects. They are also either Day-use or Night-use.
* You can use your Day-use card by typing the card name in the thread in bold. (eg Adam Bomb) Dont fake a day card usage as i will call it out as fake
* If your card requires you to submit a target, then please do so at the card declaration.
* It must be at your stage or past your stage for you to be able to use your cards. You will be told when you can begin using your cards (i.e. day 1, day 3, night 4, etc)
* You can only use one Night-use card each Night phase.
* You can use as many Day-use cards each Day phase.
*There are no 3rd party aligned roles in this game.
*There is only one scum faction in this game.
* Town and Mafia win conditions are public.

* the mafia faction gets a factional night kill thats separate from the cards. They have to pick someone to carry out the hit, and that person cannot do so and also play a card.

Town win condition:

You win when all Mafia-aligned players are dead, and there is at least one Town-aligned player alive.

Mafia win condition:

You win when number of Mafia-aligned players alive are greater than or equal to the number of Town-aligned players alive.



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Player list

1 orca - town, 

2 mwil - mafia, cards start day 1

3 @adamq

4 @Scoundrel

5 Forge - town, cards start day 2

6 @skywindO2

7 ET80 - town, cards start day 3 

8 SirA - town, cards start day 2

9 pickle - mafia, cards start day 2


11 @Daboyle

12 whicker - town, cards start day 2

13 tk3 - town, cards start day 5

14. Bucs - town

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1. Bold your vote to vote someone out.

2. Dont reach out to players outside the thread

3. Hybrid rules: If any player gets a majority of votes at any point, they will be evicted right there and then. 

4. Unless i say otherwise, a tie at the deadline, the votes on the tied players will be locked. Any other player will have 30 minutes to vote for a tied player. If still a tie, it will be no eviction.

5. Unless i say otherwise, day ends at 8:00pm central time. Votes at 8:00 count. Votes at 8:01 dont

6. Dont edit out votes or edit a post to add a vote. If i didnt count it before i wont count your edit.

7. Dont copy+paste your exact powers or role pm. You can desscribe it though

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Day 1: et voted out - town

Night 1: whicker killed - town

Day 2: no eviction

Night 2: tk3 killed - town

Day 3 : mwil evicted - mafia

Night 3: sira and forge killed- both town

Day 4: pickle yeeted - mafia

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