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Change 1 Event in NFL History


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….but it can’t be something directly related to your team.

So as a Browns fan, I can’t say “stop ‘the drive’” for the Browns.


Mine would be…The Steelers select JP Losman instead of Ben Roethlisberger. 

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Bill belichick never succeeded pete carroll in new england and instead kept the jets job....for the second time.

also fun fact pete carroll, bill parcells, bill bellicheck all left the NFC east to coach the patriots. Or in parcells case left the patriots after a SB year to coach the division rival....

Don't forget patriots fans. Without Bill parcells hating robert kraft you'd still be in the dumpster of the NFC east.

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4 hours ago, MKnight82 said:

With the 24th pick in the 2005 nfl draft the GB packer select QB Jason Campbell. With the 25th pick Washington selects Aaron Rodgers 

Or, have the Skins take A-Rod ninth overall instead of Carlos Rogers like they should have.

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Lawrence Taylor tears his ACL in Week 3 of the 1990 season (instead of just having a minor injury):


If LT is out for the rest of the year, the Giants don't end up in SB 25. The 49ers go back for the third straight time, but the Bills win because they don't have to go against the diabolical mind of Belichick (and, I think the Bills are more ready to play because it's the two-time defending champs).

As a result, Belichick isn't hired by the Browns, and they hire Bill Cowher (former assistant with Schottenheimer in Cle and KC).

This probably stunts his career, and he may never be hired as HC in New England.

As for the Bills, they do go back to the SB in 91, but lose to the Redskins in a better game. However, the motivation isn't there the next few years, and sports is spared one of the worst chapters ever (maybe we see the Oilers go to the SB instead, and they stay in Houston). Also, maybe we see the Bills in SB 30 instead, where they beat Dallas and get another ring.

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The year is 2007. Al Davis decides, hey maybe we suck because there's nobody on offense besides checked out Randy Moss and.. Ronald Curry. These QBs are all awful anyway, so let's take this kid Calvin Johnson 1st overall and see what Culpepper can do.

They still would have been a trainwreck, of course, BUT now, with the 4th pick in the 2007 draft, the Oakland Rrrraiders select.. Joe Flacco

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Posted (edited)

in 2005 the Vikings megalomaniac owner Red McCombs doesn't trade Randy Moss to Oakland, and...

instead of drafting DE Erasmus James at 18, the Vikings select Aaron Rodgers (taken at 24).   yeah, yeah, yeah... two changes.


Daunte Culpepper still flames out in 2005, Brad Johnson still QB's the Vikings for two seasons, Rodgers takes over in 2008. Moss plays his entire career in Minny.


that might have changed some things in the NFC North slightly, and Brady and Moss are never teammates....

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