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Kingdom Hearts RPG Mafia - Game Over! Town Wins!

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Welcome to Kingdom Hearts RPG Mafia!


Welcome to Traverse Town!

Each one of you are about to embark on a journey of adventure, mini-games and violence. What you know, Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness @Slappy Mc, has trapped you all in traverse town. (KH1 Lore for anyone interested) Upon inspection you will realize that you all have HEALTH POINTS (HP) and GOLD POINTS (GP) (aka munny). The starting values of each will vary. Each day phase you will have a chance to earn extra munny in two ways. You can prove your knowledge and you can prove your might. You can also visit Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Item Emporium throughout the day to obtain any necessary supplies for a cost. At night they will also open the doors to the Auction House, where other items will be auctioned off in a private setting. Will you help eradicate the Heartless or help their forces take over Traverse Town?


Things you need to know:

  • Items are 1x use unless otherwise specified
  • Each item will have a designation of Day/Night usage.
  • There is no limit to the number of items you use, only that you can't use 2 of the same items in a single day/night phase.
  • The Auction House will be closed off to bets when the day phase is over. A maximum of 24 hours.
  • There is a finite amount of resources in Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Item shop. Some items will not be restocked day to day.
  • Item descriptions will not be given to any player until they purchase it.
  • Items cannot be shared or gifted unless otherwise specified.



Player List:
1. @TOUCAN - Lynched D1 - Kairi  Town-Aligned Healer
2. @Forge - Lynched D3 - Ursula Mafia-Aligned Watcher
3. @skywindO2 - Dead N4 - Tarzan Town-Aligned Tracker
4. @TheKillerNacho - Dead N5 - Simba Vanilla Town Member
5. @MWil23 - Lynched D6 - Maleficent Mafia-Aligned Janitor
6. @rackcs - Lynched D2 - Jafar Mafia-Aligned Vengeful Brute
7. @ET80 - Lynched D4 - Pinocchio Vanilla Town Member
8. @Malfatron - Alive - Sora Town-Aligned Cop
9. @Scoundrel - Dead N2 (Janitored result) - Peter Pan Town-Aligned Watcher
10. @Whicker - Dead N4 - Jack Skellington Vanilla Town Member
11. @Xmad - Dead D3 - Merlin Independent Task Master
12. @FinneasGage - Lynched D5 - Riku Independent Aligned Survivor
13. @adamq - Dead N4 - Goofy Town-Aligned Twin
14. @The Orca - Lynched D6 - Cloud Town-Aligned Bodyguard
15. @Pickle Rick - Dead N3 - Donald Town-Aligned Twin


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Posted (edited)


Please read to avoid modkill/punishment. 

1. I'm number 1.


2. Please do not directly quote from your role PMs. Paraphrasing is allowed.
3. Daytime will last 24 hours. Nighttime will be 5pm Pacific Standard Time. (8pm EST) Votes timestamped 7:59 will count, votes timestamped 8:00 will not.
4. You must Bold someones name to vote for them.
5. Each night will last up to 60 minutes. You will have 30 minutes from the time I declare night to send in your moves. Any move sent after will be disregarded as a "no move." (Example for recent events. If I call night at 6PM, any move sent with a timestamp of 6:31 will be disregarded. Moves with an 6:30 timestamp are ok)
6. Please try to remain active, if you cannot for any reason, I will do my best to find a replacement.
7. Editing of posts is ALLOWED as long as the post does not contain a vote. I probably will not be lenient here.
8. Once you are dead, you are dead. Please refrain from posting game related info or liking posts, but a farewell is allowed. (And non-game related zombie posts) Anyone that wishes to join the dead chat may PM me requesting such.
9. Once night is called, you can remain posting anything you want to. However once I say that PMs are going out, please refrain from posting anything pertaining to their contents until I declare the start of the next day. 
10. If there is a tie at the end of the day for the lynch, there will be a 15 minute OT tie-break. The overtime vote starts with a clean slate. In the event a tie is not broken in OT, any players that remain tied will be lynched.
11. Most importantly, thank you for playing and have fun.


*Note* I'm a human. I make mistakes. If you have questions, feel free to ask in thread up until the game starts and once it starts via PM. I will answer anything I feel that won't give an advantage anywhere.

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Posted (edited)

Day 1 ending. 

Night 1 ending.

Day 2 ending.


Night 2 ending.

Day 3 ending

Night 3 ending

Day 4 ending

Night 4 ending

Day 5 ending

Night 5 ending

Day 6 ending




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  • Slappy Mc changed the title to Kingdom Hearts RPG Mafia - Game Over! Town Wins!

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