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BDL 2017 Semifinals Rome Eternals vs. Louisiana Jazz


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BDL 2017 Divisional Round: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.


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The Rome Eternals, 2017 Wildcard Winner.


QB Drew Brees

RB Todd Gurley

WR Michael Crabtree

WR Corey Coleman

Slot WR JuJu Smith Schuster

Slot WR Amari Cooper

LT Charles Leno Jr

LG Stefen Wisniewski  Q /Ramon Foster

C Brandon Linder

RG Marcus Gilbert

RT Ryan Ramczyk


RB Theo Riddick

RB Marlon Mack

OL  Justin Britt

TE Austin Seferian Jenkins

WR Ted Ginn Jr

OL Max Garcia

TE Marcedes Lewis

OG Ramon Foster


DL Vinny  Curry

DI Dalvin Tomlinson

DL  Michael Brockers

DL Carlos Dunlap

LB CJ Mosley

LB Wesley Woodyard

CB William Jackson

CB Prince Amukamara

Slot CB Nickell Robey Coleman

S  Jahleel Addae

S Pat Chung


S Josh Jones

Edge Takk McKinley

Edge Dante Fowler Jr

DI Malcolm Brown

DL Matt Ioannidis

CB  Marlon Humphrey

LB Patrick Onwuasor

CB Nevin Lawson


The Louisiana Jazz, 2017 West Division Winner.


QB: Tom Brady
RB: Ezekiel Elliott
WR1: Michael Thomas
WR2: Doug Baldwin
TE1: Zach Ertz
TE2: Eric Ebron

LT: Dion Sims (Laremy Tunsil if Sitton is active)
LG: Laremy Tunsil (Josh Sitton if active)
C: Travis Frederick
RG: Bobby Massie
RT: Jack Conklin

QB2: Dak Prescott
RB2: LeGarrette Blount
RB3: Bilal Powell
RB4: James White
WR3: Emmanuel Sanders
WR4: Jordy Nelson
WR5: Tyler Lockett


Edge: Jabaal Sheard
DE: Chris Jones
NT: Damon Harrison
DE: Jurrell Casey
Edge: Brian Orakpo
LB: Todd Davis
LB/S: Reshad Jones
CB: Chris Harris Jr.
CB: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
CB: Logan Ryan
S: Eric Weddle

DE3: Cameron Wake
DE4: Bud Dupree
DT4: Tyrone Crawford
LB3: Lawrence Timmons
LB4: Craig Robertson

S: Antoine Bethea
CB4: Darelle Revis
CB5: Orlando Scandrick

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Rome Gameplan: 




This week, we look to run a more balanced attack against an OK Louisiana defense.  We will list the aforementioned lineup as our starters but we will be rotating in players constantly throughout the game to give the Jazz  tons of different looks and personal groups to have to scheme for,  We will have two TE, traditional i formations, three TEs, and even five wide.  Brees is the master of finding the mismatches on the defensive side and exploiting it.  We feel we have provided him with a bevy of offensive weapons with different skill sets to make his life easier.  If Brees happens to find a personal group he can take advantage of, expect a hurry up offense to trap that personnel on the field.

We are spreading the field to start the game to get some mismatches against a secondary filled with big names, but not filed with very good production this year.  Chris Harris is still having a solid season, but the other three options are performing below average.  With Amari Cooper likely back this week, we have an added weapon for our slot,  We look to involve our slot corners a lot this week as Louisiana features a bunch of boundary corners,  We especially like whoever lines up as their fourth corner as old man Revis or awful Scandrick will likely be toast city in man coverage.  

Pre Snap in our four wide we will generally be moving one of our slots in motion,  The motion will help with Brees getting quick reads on zone or man pre snap.  If a corner does not follow him, we know it is zone, and we already have a trips formation setup to run floods and seam routes to exploit the zones. If it is man, our WR will motion back to his original position and our slot receivers and whoever has DRC will be heavily targeted

We can do all this because we can welcome back Marcus Gilbert to the lineup and move him inside.  This gives us the strongest right side of the line in the league and allows us to rotate our line coverage to the left leaving Gilbert and Ramczyk one on ones in their matchups,  Gurley will also be involved in chipping if needed or if Brees reads a blitzer, he can stay in and block.  Expect a couple wheel routes to Gurley in this game as Lawrence Timmons just can’t keep up with him

Now, does this mean we abandon the run?  Heck no, we know Todd Gurley is in the running for MVP and we still plan on getting him 20-25 carries plus a handful of receptions.  By getting a lighter box with four wide, it makes things easier for Gurley to get to the second level where he is even more dangerous.  Upfront, Louisiana possesses a very nice defensive line, but we feel our O line is one of the best in the league.

Even though we are spreading the field, we will be using more of a mid to short range passing game as we don’t think Louisiana is gonna be able to keep up with us.  Move the chains and keep our defense fresh and ready to feast


TL?DR     Spread it out and get the advantages.  Let Brees read and react to what he sees, feed Gurley against a light box, take care of the football




Unfortunately for Louisiana, their offensive line is in complete shambles this week and may not even to be able to have five actual starters.  This is really going to affect what they do and how we play defense.  We are going in with the assumption that Sitton will not play,

With only four lineman, the Jazz are going to have to put a TE at tackle i assume and move a tackle inside.  Regardless of what they do, they are going to have to commit RB, the TE or both to help out in protection.  This allows us to play the kind of defense we like which is physical press man to man on the outside mixing cover two and robber looks.  Jackson and Amukamara have the boundaries while Robley Coleman has the middle,  All three of these corners are having excellent seasons and know how to play in man schemes.  Mosley has Ertz while Woodyard gets the RB.  If either of their assignments stays in to block, they have the option to blitz of play a middle zone to take away the quick slants Louisiana is obviously going to have to try to hit.

Up front we obviously have the advantage against whoever, and there is one common belief on how to beat Brady, it is to consistently smack him in the mouth.  We look forward to doing that as the physical coverage outside is gonna make Tommy hold onto the ball that tad bit longer to allow our pressure to get home.  We feel like the left side of the line is going to be really vulnerable so look for Dunlap and Tomlinson to have a wonderful time.   Occasionally we will use a zone scheme just to make sure we don’t become overly predictable.  Likely looking more at robber , little less cover two man, and even less zoning

Louisiana may be forced to play Dak just so he can run around like crazy.  If he plays, look for one of the LB to be spying on him.

Getting Elliott back is a big bonus for Louisiana but we feel our front four specializes in stopping the run so we aren’t going to do anything flashy as far as stopping him.  Elliott has never had a poor offensive line to run behind in his real career but he will be behind one today.  We have two excellent run stopping LB so we feel we can concentrate on our assignments, get to brady when THE blocking breaks down, and avoid the big play, there is no way this offense is going to score a bunch of points


TL/DR-  Physical coverage on the outside to make Brady hold onto the ball a bit longer, take advantage of hobbled line, avoid big plays

Louisiana Gameplan:


We’ve only got 4 healthy offensive linemen but we are still giving 110%. One of the most dominant seasons ever isn’t going to end without a fight against a Rome team that was battered in a tough road trip against Orlando where they managed to just scrape by, while we’re coming off a blowout win and will be well rested both physically and emotionally.


Yes, 4 offensive linemen. But the return of an angry Elliott with a point to prove and the greatest QB to ever live in the backfield still gives us a chance. Brady has played with garbage OLs, been under pressure and still produced. We know Dion Sims won’t hold up on his own at left tackle, so he’ll have help every single play.

Our focus when it comes to running, will obviously be running the ball to the right side of the offensive line and ensuring we can at least get our linemen on the front foot. Elliott being fresh off his break should be able to will us forward for extra yards on each attempt, especially as the combination of Conklin, Frederick and Massie is solid and will win convincingly against Rome’s OL.

For the passing game, we feel pretty safe that our interior will hold up and Conklin against Dunlap. This will get Brady the chance to step up and hit the WRs and TEs. Especially with our 2 TE sets, we should be able to get some easy options for Brady to hit as well as being able to find the WRs, Thomas & Baldwin who excel on shorter routes and generating separation as well as making catches in traffic.

Ertz and Ebron will rotate on each side of the OL in support of Sims, with each chipping the TE before either going across the middle or out in the flat and we feel that a chipped Fowler/Curry should be manageable for Dion Sims. Dion Sims is 270lbs, he’s a big homie and has a big **** too, I’m sure.

To finish our tertiary verbatim, the running backs will play a huge role as receivers out of the backfield. Elliott & Powell will see snaps as receivers and blockers to a lesser extent as the focus is on getting the ball out of Brady’s hands quick.

We also have fatman Andrew Billings as OL6 and he’ll dive at Rome’s defensive line’s players legs all the time and hopefully injure them.


With the 5 man defensive front, the goal is clearly to try and shut down Todd Gurley. Todd Davis comes in for the added run support, replacing Lawrence Timmons although this year he’s improved his play in coverage as well even if not being great.  

CB-WR Matchups:

CHJ will erase Amari Cooper/Corey Coleman. In 6 games against him, Cooper has 170 or so yards. Coleman would do no better. This is pretty much 1 section of the field shut down.

Logan Ryan will take Michael Crabtree and ****** his chain too. Ryan’s been solid as a no.1 CB this year in Tennessee and should be able to handle Crabtree for the most part, who hasn’t been impressive. If he gets him ejected, even better.

DRC will take Juju and again, should be able to do a pretty decent job on him, particularly when you consider there’s no Antonio Bryant to draw attention away from him. DRC was riding bikes before Juju was even born, you know some lunch is going to be eaten in this coverage.

Weddle will operate largely as our deeper safety, with Bethea coming in on obvious passing downs as our deep center fielder as Weddle moves to a more flexible role.

The confidence we have in our CBs to largely win their matches will in turn allow us to devote resources to both stopping the run, but also the largest threat of the Rome passing game which is the running backs out of the backfield. If we see the passing game having success against us through the backs, Robertson will quickly be subbed in for Davis and be assigned to either Riddick or Gurley.

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2 hours ago, WFLukic said:

Not that it matters much, but Andrew Billings is OL6 and him injuring the Rome Defenders until he is ejected is a big part of our gameplan. 

Such a big part that you didn't even bother to put him on your roster, sloppy 

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The Jazz would've won this matchup with a healthy o-line but a TE at LT is way too big of a mismatch especially against a stout rome defense. I think this is closer than most people would think but that spot is gonna get Brady hit pretty bad a few times in this game, good gameplans by both teams and it sucks the Jazz's season ends here because of an injury ravaged o-line.

Gurley and Brees get it done and Rome rolls their way to a 31-21 win.


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I could have bought Jack Conklin at LT as that is where he will eventually end up and is your best OT. Tunsil is better at Guard than Tackle and Sims could have gotten help from Frederick/Massie at RG.

Rome's DL could have been handled with a better formation IMO. 

Rome 24-17


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13 hours ago, SirA1 said:

I could have bought Jack Conklin at LT as that is where he will eventually end up and is your best OT. Tunsil is better at Guard than Tackle and Sims could have gotten help from Frederick/Massie at RG.

Rome's DL could have been handled with a better formation IMO. 

Rome 24-17


Rearrange the whole o line for a one week thing? I'd rather him do what he did and play two TEs at LT.

I know I'm clearly in the minority here but I like Brady to Thomas-Baldwin-Ertz vs Brees to Crabtree-Coleman-Juju. With the 5 man front focusing on taking Gurley out of the picture I also think Rome has a tougher time running the ball than his write-up leads on.

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