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National League:

Cosmo Cockfighters- @Dingo18287

Team Black- @davisblack

Raider Power- @DalCowboyzRule

In Yu We Trust- @tom cody

American League:

BillsGuy82- @BillsGuy82

Team Ivy- @umphrey

sllim Wins- @Sllim Pickens

FG K's- @freakygeniuskid

Union League

Drew Breesus- @crab1106

Macho Machado Man- @biggio7

Sach Hello There's- @I_GET_SAX

Miggy Mouse Clubhouse- @Herbie_Hancock

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7 hours ago, DalCowboyzRule said:

I went 0-5 against @davisblack this season and 13-3 against everyone else. 0-2 the last 2 weeks against davis. 

Didn't make the playoffs by 1 game. 


Yeah that was a tough break. I got pretty lucky against you this year. 

I think we should try and balance out the schedule a little more next year. I played against you 5 times and some other teams i was only up against once.

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