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I figured the Tigres were in line to be Champions. They dominated Leon. With only 39% possession. When they wanted the ball, and the ball was in an area where they could take off and set up a play. Theyd just take it and do so any time they pleased. Match could have easily been 5-0 with post deflections. Leon coming off a 1 loss first half title win. Didnt think they could be treated like that on the field.

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9 minutes ago, Oregon Ducks said:


Our league representatives almost won the Club World Cup.

Crazy they kept it so close. Watched a couple MX games of their this half and they just wernt impressive as they were 1st half or last year. I was expecting 4-0 or so. But they stuck to their style and game from what I saw. And it paid off for them.

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@Oregon Ducks

You see all that happened with the Santos - San Luis match last weekend?

I watched. Saw the scuffle, cards passed out. (11 cards, 3 reds including San Luis manager)

Just reading. Santos Laguna player Torres was getting a ball from the ball boy, and the ball boy said racist things so Torres pushed him away. Then San Luis team surrounded Torres going off till his teammates ran over to help. After the manager was ejected, stadium work crews were around the field shouting all kinds of racist and other slurs at Santos Laguna players the rest of the match. Insane. Just seeing what the fallout was about now.

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