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Seahawks to the SuperBowl

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I"m so sick of Pete, Bevell, Cable and Richard that I'd wish they'd all leave. Pete gives way too much leash to these dogs. Go to the front office Pete. You're so delusional.  

OK back to the SB run (yes, this will NEVER happen) but it gives me something to root for and with only 1 regular season game,  might as well have something to watch.

#1 and the obvious: Seahawks beat Zona and the Panthers beat the Falcons (In Atlanta).  We're the #6 seed.

#2: Jimmy Garropolo at home beats the Rams and the Bucs at home beat the Saints. ( If the Rams win and they're the automatic 3 seed. We'd get smoked again.)

Wildcard playoff seedings:

#6 Hawks  at #3 Carolina

#5 Saints at #4 Rams.

#6 Hawks could actually beat the Panthers in Carolina.  #5 Saints beat the #4 Rams. 


#6 Hawks at #1 Philly.  The Eagles without Wentz are in trouble. Nick Foles is slow footed, can't throw an out route, can't run like a Wentz. Hawks pull the upset.

#5 Saints at #2 Vikes.   Can the Saints beat the Vikes? I would root for it. Minnesota's D is too dominating for our OL. Vikes harass Brees.

NFC Championship:

#6 Hawks at #2 Vikes.  Case Keenum fumbles 2x and thows 3 interceptions. Hawks in a repeat 10-9 win.

Hawks in the Superbowl...... Far fetched for sure, but something to root for and that's what a fanatic is all about, right? Pixie dust and unicorns....


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