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Lunatic's Season Prediction


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Week 1

Indianapolis Colts

Sunday September 10th

Los Angeles Coliseum

Its not the ideal situation to start the season against a team that is perennially picked to win their division at the start of the season, and has the best young QB at the helm. BUT let me ask you this, do the Scott Tolzien Colts scare you at all? Because that very well may be the team we are up against. Im not counting on Luck to be on the field week 1 at this point. He may well make it, but he is not going to be 100%. These Shoulder surgeries are not something that are quick recoveries. and honestly nothing else on that Colts roster really scares me without Luck as the trigger man.

All of that, combined with the full offseason to game plan this opener, and being at home with a New HC and the Improved Roster, are all things pointing in our favor.

Prediction:Win 1-0

Week 2

Washington Redskins

Sunday September 17th

Los Angeles Coliseum

This is not as simple of a game to breakdown. The story is going to be McVay vs his old team/QB. But the Redskins lost WAY more than just Sean McVay. I like Kirk Cousins, I think he is a darn good QB, but I dont think he is Great. And with losing a bunch of his weapons that made him who he was, I dont know if we can count on him being the same guy. Yes they still have Crowder and added Pryor, but they still dont have a Running Game that worries anyone. Their Defense is on the come up, but still isnt going to be shut down, even if it was our offense from last year. I think this will be a very close game, and will be decided on mistakes, which I think is where the edge of McVay will come in, as he knows Kirk's weaknesses better than anyone else.

When its this close, Home field advantage, and Special Teams are usually the edge, and Ill take ours over most teams in this league.

Prediction: Win 2-0


Week 3

San Francisco 49ers

Thursday September 21st

Levi's Stadium

I dont like the Short week going on the road, but at least its early in the season. And thankfully its not right after one of those slug-fest games we always end up having with the Seahawks, that we cant ever recover from. But when it comes down to it, and some will disagree with me, the Niners have the worst roster in the NFL. Barkley or Hoyer under Center, which might be Tim Barnes by the way, with what might be the only receiving corps worse than ours. Sure they have some individual talents on defense, but as a unit I dont think they are there yet.

Honestly, I think Todd Gurley with an improved Oline and the defense can take care of this game.

Prediction: Win 3-0


Week 4

Dallas Cowboys

Sunday October 1st

AT&T Stadium

With a nice start, reality in the shape of a big blue & silver star is about to smack us right in the face. In what could possibly be Zeke's first game back, would could be in a rough day that may make us and the rest of the league question our success to start the year. As good as our Defensive Front is, the Dallas OL is so much better. This is potentially a Super Bowl contending team if they can stay out of their own way, and 4 weeks in we would very likely be seeing a Cowboys team at full strength and running at peak performance.

This seems to be one of the few obvious losses on our schedule. And being on the road, I would take a competitive game here.

Prediction: Loss 3-1


Week 5

Seattle Seahawks

Sunday October 8th

Los Angeles Coliseum

The one thing that can be said for Jeff Fisher is that he had Pete Carrol's number. Now the Hawks arent the team they were 2-3 years ago, but they are still the favorite in the West for a reason. I used to be able to say that this was a game we should be favored in due to use knowing how to beat them. But McVay & Co needs to prove that before we can fall back on the recent history of this rivalry. It would be great to get a W the first time he goes up against the Seahawks, but for now we no longer get that benefit.

Until we see differently, I would give the Seahawks the edge in just about every category when you line the teams up side by side.

Prediction: Loss 3-2


Week 6

Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday October 16th

EverBank Field

Going West to East is always a disadvantage, but for now this is a late afternoon game so that helps out and they wont be playing at 10 AM local time. I think we know at this point that Bortles is a garbage time quarterback, and until they find someone new they will be stuck as the same team they have been for the past 4 years. We match up well, and this could be a game that Goff really gets to show off who he is as a QB. The first few weeks will have been mostly scripted out for him, ans then he runs up against a good Dallas team. If he is going to be a good enough QB for the Rams, these mid season games against bad teams should be games he takes full advantage of.

Im not sure we're really a good team yet, but if we dont win this game, them we are very likely still a bad team.

Prediction: Win 4-2


Week 7

Arizona Cardinals

Sunday October 22nd

Twickenham Stadium

Oh another Trip across the Pond, good for us. Another reason to hate Stan Kroenke. Where as I think the change in regime changes the outlook against the Seahawks, I think the sluggish play when going over to the UK is much more on the players themselves. So unfortunately I think that we may be in trouble once again as we make the trip. It also doesnt help that this was supposed to be a home game. Once on the field, I think these teams are very similar, but I have always felt the Cardinals have always carried themselves like they have been here before, and actually know how to stay focused on the prize. Its usually a bone head mistake that spirals us out of these games, and until we know that is no longer the culture for the Rams, its going to rear its head at some point.

I could see this being the week that we have some questions about the Rams coming out of it and saying "the Bye Week is coming at the perfect time"

Prediction: Loss 4-3


Week 8


Sunday October 29th



Week 9

New York Giants

Sunday November 5th

MetLife Stadium

Another West going East game, and even coming out of the Bye Week, its not a great circumstance to have to deal with. I think coming out of the Bye, this will actually be a darn good game. I think Goff possibly even out plays Eli on the Stat Line, and thats saying something because the Giants have a darn good defense too. But when it comes down to it, the Giants offense might just be too much for our secondary. They look to have 3 or 4 very good weapons for Eli, and as much as I like Tru, I think OBJ is just too much for most teams, and will be ours as well.

Looking right now, this seems to be one of the other obvious Losses on the schedule, and I dont expect to feel any differently come November.

Prediction: Loss 4-4


Week 10

Houston Texans

Sunday November 12th

Los Angeles Coliseum

This is probably going to be one really ugly game. Two really good defenses (possibly both Top 5) With young QBs. But we are now 10 weeks into the season, and the depth of your roster is going to start to come into play. We are currently counting on John Sullivan, Rodger Saffold, and Jamon Brown to hold up our offensive line. I know we are all hoping that we will find a Diamond in the Rough OL that can be part of the unit going forward, but its hard to believe they would be great against a front like this, and I would project we are going to be using at least one of those backup OL at this point in the season.

In the end while stacking these teams up, they have a Nuk, and we dont.

Prediction: Loss 4-5


Week 11

Minnesota Vikings

Sunday November 19th

U.S. Bank Stadium

Just like Chinese Water Torture, Sam Bradford is going to check down this Vikings team to death. Yes I think their Defense going into the year, but with a suspect OL, we know how that works with Sam Bradford. I think this team will be on the verge of the Teddy Bridgewater comeback, with fans clamoring for it once he is cleared from the PUP list. And a defense that looks so good coming into the year, may have spent a years worth of snaps on the field through 10 weeks. (we've seen that first hand). Coming off a hard fought loss on the road to a league leader (NYG) and a disappointing loss at home to a similar team to ourselves, this is a week that will show what kind of coaching staff we really have.

In what is the last straw for old Sammy boy, our defense will gladly pick him apart, and this offense can do just enough vs a worn out defense.

Prediction: Win 5-5


Week 12

New Orleans Saints

Sunday November 26th

Los Angeles Coliseum

Is Drew Brees still on the team? Then the Saints are still a major threat. I think the entire NFC South is going to be pretty good. And I have said before a team has a QB that much better they are always going to be hard to beat. And that is for sure the situation here. But we did see a flash last year, in the first half against the Saints. And I think this is a rare shootout for this offense. Goff throwing out his best stat line of the year, and showing everyone what we know could be the guy we drafted. And we have the benefit of being at home, taking Brees and that offense out of the Dome.

But in the end, we leave too much time on the clock for Brees & Co, and it bites us on a final drive.

Prediction: Loss 5-6


Week 13

Arizona Cardinals

Sunday December 3rd

University of Phoenix Stadium

The first rematch of the divisional foes. It will be hard to take too much from the UK game, because those arent ever really true measures of anyone. As I said for the first game, I think these teams are fairly evenly matched. But with our depth really hindering us in the second half of the season, I would expect us to be on the wrong end of the list of Wild Card Contenders, and having to travel to a more veteran team its hard to overcome those things.especially when they are right in the thick of the WC chase, possibly even owning one of those spots at this point in the season.

Palmer is fighting for one more playoff run, while we are still trying to earn those battle scars.

Prediction: Loss 5-7


Week 14

Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday December 10th

Los Angeles Coliseum

#1 vs #2 from last year, we get to show everyone we made the right pick. Even with a more "talented" group of weapons, I think we will see the more Talented QB and better tooled Offense will prove itself. If Goff is showing everything we are hearing this offseason, the defense is going to want to show out for their guy, and we surely have the edge there. If we run into the OL injury issues mid-season, this would be a good time for those unknown projects to start really re-solidifying the line and making this offense start to run more smoothly again.

In what many internally with the Rams will see as one of the most important games of the year, we show up big.

Prediction: Win 6-7


Week 15

Seattle Seahawks

Sunday December 17th

CenturyLink Field

They got us early at home, so its hard to say we will be coming out on top later in the season on the road. While we are seeing our playoff chances starting to run away from us, I think the Seahawks are still chasing that number 1 seed as they counted on beating up on the rest of the NFC West. But this team isnt going to just get steamrolled. We have the talent, and the defense to run with anyone, as we have shown all year long. Its just the youth that will get us some times. In what is a reminder of the Rivalry that was for a good 6 year span, we go blow for blow and Russell Wilson will remember how much he hates playing the Rams.

But when it comes down to it, even this lesser version of the LOB, is just too veteran savvy for Goff at this point.

Prediction: Loss 6-8


Week 16

Tennessee Titans

Sunday December 24th

Nissan Stadium

With that loss to the Seattle, we are likely eliminated from playoff contention. We are also having to travel to one of the best young QBs in the league. We caught a break to start the season where Luck is coming off shoulder surgery. And while Mariota may have a slower start, this offense will be pumping on all cylinders at this point of the season as they are fighting for a Top seed in the AFC. Its not quite a West coast team going east like with the Giants, but it is still going to be an early game after having your playoff hopes dashed. 

Marcus is just too much, and this is a potential Super Bowl contender in my mind. We are not on that level.

Prediction: Loss 6-9


Week 17

San Francisco 49ers

Sunday December 31st

Los Angeles Coliseum

Here is an interesting spot at the end of the season. With nothing to really play for what do you do? Try and avoid 10 losses, give a young team a Win to go into the offseason with? Or do you try and set yourself up better in the drat and pull a bit of tanking as a Win or Loss could cost you as many as 7 spots in the draft? i would think the Niners are locked into the #2 or #3 pick at this point, and they will be trying to win this game. And I think it wouldnt be a terrible idea to sit guys like Whitworth, Gurley, Goff (because youre sitting your LT) and probably some more of the defensive guys who are pretty banged up.

I say we go full Sam Hinkie, and better our chances in the draft, which is more important long term than a 7-9 season.

Prediction: Loss 6-10

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If Gurley is more of the 2015 version, then I could see this team winning 9 games. Goff obviously would need to keep developing, but he showed flashes last year. I've seen some fans wanting Mannion to get some snaps with the 1s, which I think is an absolute joke. Really looking forward to seeing what McVay can do with this team. Probably the most excited I've been for a Rams season in quite some time. 

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13 hours ago, jrry32 said:

8-8 to 10-6

Why? Because.

Well honestly, if we catch a few good breaks (health, a call it two, etc) my predictions aren't that far from that range. This league is full of those 50/50 games that can make you 10-6 or 6-10

I truely think we are a 7-9 team, just did some Hinkie ball at the end for a better draft pick. So that bumps to 7-9

Lets say the players still hold some of that edge on the Seahawks, and McVay dusts off a little of that Fisher plan (just for Pete) and we win a grind at home with like only 30 total pats scored. Were already at 8-8

Maybe we have a better approach to the UK Game. Or the Cards are banged up later in the year and Palmer is already retired. If we get one of those and split the series that's 9-7

And then the Texans aren't there yet with the young QB, making Nuke a non factor while our vet lineman are still healthy and a solid unit (or one of those young UDFAs become a stud) and boom... a 10-6 Wild Card team

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On 7/27/2017 at 5:43 PM, jrry32 said:

8-8 to 10-6

Why? Because.

I think their record is tied to Jared Goff.  If he struggles like he did last year, they're probably not winning more than 6 games.  If he plays well, they could be a fringe playoff team.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Addendum to the record prediction in light of recent roster moves;

Depending how quickly Goff and Watkins build their chemistry, I think this team could be looking at 10-6 and the 2nd Wild Card spot. I still think the Cowboys are good enough to beat us without Zeke, but after appeal, we may be his first game back and her could go off for 300. 

But I think Watkins can be the difference maker in taking out the Seahawks in one of those close games, we should definitely take one from the Cardinals now, and we won't be rolling over in the final game of the season against the Niners for the draft position. Plus I said we should beat the Texans but the have a Nuk and we don't, well now we do, and that's a game that should be ours. 

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3 minutes ago, StLunatic88 said:

Addendum to the record prediction in light of recent roster moves;

Depending how quickly Goff and Watkins build their chemistry, I think this team could be looking at 10-6 and the 2nd Wild Card spot. I still think the Cowboys are good enough to beat us without Zeke, but after appeal, we may be his first game back and her could go off for 300. 

But I think Watkins can be the difference maker in taking out the Seahawks in one of those close games, we should definitely take one from the Cardinals now, and we won't be rolling over in the final game of the season against the Niners for the draft position. Plus I said we should beat the Texans but the have a Nuk and we don't, well now we do, and that's a game that should be ours. 

Hope you're right. Definitely excited for the season. got to find a way to catch some of these games now...

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So I went back and looked at last season. The Rams started 3-1, the next 6 games the Rams lost at Buf but it was a 7pt game late in the 4th. They lost in London to the NYG but they not only jumped out to a 10-0 but had a chance to tied on the last play if Quick didn't get confused on his route in the end zone (glad he is gone because Watkins Kupp or Woods wouldn't do something like that on such a critical play). They lost to Car by 3pts and I think it was tied in the 4th. They lost to Miami after blowing a 14-0 lead in the 4th. They lost at Det after the game was tied late in the 4th and Det kicked the GW FG to win by 3pts. Of course the Rams beat the Jets. So they lost in that 6 game stretch by an average of 5.3pts. They could've easily been 8-2 coming out of that stretch (the only loss I saw coming was at Buf because they didn't have 3 of their 4 defensive lineman and it was going to be tough stopping Shady and Tyrod running around on the road). Instead the Rams fell to 4-6 and after that Miami debacle in Goff first start, I thought the Rams quit on Fisher and his staff because the final 6 games they lost by an average of 22.1pts.

So what I'm saying is even in the bad season which was last year the Rams started off well then had their chances after that but again Fisher could never get them over the hump because of his incompetent coaching. I think this team is talented and now have the right coaching staff to help lead them over that hump and it could definitely start this season. I got to see more of the preseason especially now with Watkins before I can give a win/loss record prediction but so far I'm pumped with the additions that were made and we have to get Donald back in the fold and ready to roll got Week 1 in which Luck might not play and their center will miss as well. I'll feel bad for Tolzien against that Rams defense on the road.

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