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Since it’s pretty dead in here thought it would be great to talk about the draft. Even though we are having a great season I believe we still have a lot of holes on this team on both sides. We will have a late first and wanted to know who you guys think we should be eyeing. Also which needs you think should be addressed in the draft or free agency. 

As far as needs go I think it goes 

1.LT(I know we locked up long term but he’s the weak link on Offense and think that we have a top tier line if that was addressed) 

2. Safety preferably strong

3. DE(depends on how much they like Hall as well) 

4. Center (Kalil has talked about retiring and constantly hurt)

I would throw in a deep threat but that’s what we have Byrd/Samuels for. I wouldn’t mind a tight end this year either. So what are you guys thoughts. 

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4 hours ago, Franck8666 said:

Cam need weapons, so BPA at TE or WR position. We have no depth there and its hurting us as an offense. I just hope that 2018 is going to be a better OL FA season so we could find ourselves a good left tackle.

I agree we need weapons but I don't believe we will go WR because we just drafted Samuels(who was looking good before the injury) and the slight emergence of Byrd. I definitely would love another tight end to groom. Also I don't think we will sign a LT in FA since we already committed a lot of money to Matt. 

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Who the hell knows what will happen with Hurney running the show.

I wouldn't mind getting a tight end though. A safety would be nice. And an every down edge rusher would be cool since three of our DEs are 30+. A corner that is better than Worley/Seymour as well.

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1 hour ago, iknowcool said:

The free agency class at WR is looking really good.  I'd rather look there first before we think about taking one in the first round.  Allen Robinson would be a great acquisition for example.  Landry will be an FA too.

I like those two WRs but they are too similiar to Funchess. We need a speedster that can stretch the field... one that can be more reliable and won't get hurt. Paul Richardson's contract is up this offseason... I doubt Seattle lets him go but if they do, he's my top candidate

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