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2018 Draft, players we like

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The next position I'm going to address is WR. Even if Landry returned, the Dolphins still need a dominant Alpha WR. Parker just doesn't have it. The WR's I'm going to list will all fit a specific mold. Big bodied WR's who are just great football players. We already have 2 speed WR's with Stills and Grant. Parker is a big boundary possession WR. We need that Alpha playmaker. For this reason, Ridley isn't going to be on my list. We won't be running an offense that throws over the top multiple times a game, so Ridley would be limited, just like Stills has been. 

Courtland Sutton, WR MSU

6-4, 216 lbs

If the Dolphins go WR in the first round, this is the only player I feel would be worth the selection. Sutton is a physical, ball catching machine. When you watch him play, you can see that he uses his size very well. He has fantastic, strong hands, can make impossible catches, and snatches the ball out of the air. He also has the speed to get behind the defense, and has excellent ball tracking ability to get to errant throws. He catches the ball at the highest point, and fights for the reception. He is very hard to tackle and runs with speed and power. He is also a very good route runner, and knows how to get open. Sutton is a very effective blocker, he just doesn't go through the motions. On the Dolphins, Sutton would make an instant impact, and fill a need that has escaped the Dolphins going all the way back to the 90's. The only negative is that Sutton isn't going to make it out of the top 15, so the Phins would have to use a first round pick, and wouldn't be able to trade back to land him. Watch the video below, it clearly shows his body control, ability to make catches away from his frame, ability to under stand angles and fight back to the ball, very exiting player to watch.



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