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Wyld Stallyns

Andrew Luck speaks to the media

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After the media got a chance to speak to players following Friday's practice Andrew Luck spoke to the media.

➡️ Luck said there was no surgery or injections done while overseas

➡️ He spent the last month and a half in the Netherlands not Germany as others suspected. 

⏺ these 2 debunk the stem cell surgery speculation 

➡️ Earlier in the season there were some photos of him that looked like he lost considerable weight and his right arm was significantly smaller then his left arm. He inow seems a lot closer to his playing weight.  His right arm still is not as big as his left arm. 

⏺ this isn’t the first photo I seen, which was better, but it shows through his book club that he was very average person build. 

➡️ He hasn’t begun to throw yet. 

➡️ He says he doesn’t expect to have to need surgery

➡️ He said his therapist has resources/clinic in the Netherlands where they were able to do rehab/strength training that couldn’t be done in the states.

⏺ ?

➡️ He said he felt like a distraction and that he didn’t feel a part of the team. 

⏺ common feeling from players on IR/suspension especially a guy who signed a $140 M contract

➡️ He is not experiencing pain. At the end of 2016 he was feeling pain and that is why he had the surgery. 

⏺ it was my belief that he wasn’t experiencing pain (soreness)  until he started throwing, so what happens when he starts throwing again and he experiences pain? 

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Thanks for the synopsis. I watched the entire presser, and what I got as I watched his mind...while he was thinking of what to say, Is that he is being extrememly honest. More than most would in his situation. He is so honest in fact, that fans are taking what he is saying and trying to read deception into it. 


He is without pain...

He looks to be in far greater shape...

I think he was truly knocked down a notch mentally when his first go round with throwing caused pain....

I think he has grown as a player, and as a man because of this...

.....and I think he will truly be a better QB. This is a guy who graduated form freaking Stanford with a degree in Architecture, while being the QB of their football team. Can you even begin to imagine what he has done mentally while he has had this time off? Defenses beware......

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