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On 7/30/2017 at 9:52 PM, EliteTexan80 said:

Everyone else hasn't made the jump yet. Texansfan712, Pastor Dillon, Apollo Stallion, Patexansfan99...

Then, you have others who are MIA. texansfan, LORK88, kenney, Grasspike, Blaze...

Been trying to get the word out, but guess folks gonna leave for good when the migration is complete.

You seem to be missing someone on your list

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2 hours ago, EliteTexan80 said:

I've been through a couple of these hurricanes (Alicia back in 1984 was my first). No real damage, but man - that was a TON of rain.

It's starting to pour where I stay at now. I dont get flooded around my house. However, the street to get on the freeway always flood. 

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Officially cutoff from the outside world. All 3 access points from my neighborhood are impassable because the creeks are waaaaaay out of their banks and the San Jacinto is backing up. Oh and Lake Conroe is at capacity, so they're doing a controlled release so it's only going to get worse for us down stream....Good thing I have plenty of red meat to smoke, and beer on ice!

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