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Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

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I don’t know if this has been talked about yet, but Dez Bryant just followed the Baltimore Ravens instagram account on his instagram page.

If this means anything...

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Bryant singing now would be kind of odd, but not bad. Him and Crabtree providing size on the outside that Flacco hasn't gad since... Boldin (when he wasn't in the slot)? With Brown and Snead working the slot. The latter two going out wide to attack deep in that area when needed. Makes sense.

Screws over Chris Moore though. I'd like to see him get reps in a real, planned offensive role.

Wouldn't mean much for Scott or Lasley since they probably aren't getting real playing time this season regardless. Not sure what it would mean for Hurst and Andrews but probably nothing terrible. They will get reps at tight end, it isn't like the Ravens would be going full 4/5 receiver spread all the time.

I'm envisioning an offense with a lot of options, none great but serviceable, which would work for Flacco. He can spread it around fairly well to all of his targets. And that's kind of what you want if the alternative is his lock-on syndrome. 

But... this hasn't happened yet. Just kind of rolled off the fingers.

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