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NFC Wild Card - Rams vs Falcons PLAYOFFS!!!

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37 minutes ago, stl4life07 said:

1st half thought: Rams are fortune to only be down by 3pts. I felt like maybe rust was there in the first half besides those last two drives. Maybe McVay should’ve played his starters on offense so they could’ve stayed sharp. Defense is playing lights out. Cooper is struggling on special teams so he needs to make a play or not mess up in the second half. Hekker and Ficken looks good on special teams. I want to see McVay give Gurley the ball more on the ground. Let’s get this win in the second half.

I' at river city casino. This is a lot of meh.

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Well that sucked. 


A lot of red in the staduim too. I didn't think I would see that many falcons jerseys. 


Also, as a side note, I counted 25 people in Jags jerseys at our game.... gotta love L.A. 

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