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5 minutes ago, packfanfb said:

Have to think one of Brian Poole, Desmond Trufant, Tre Flowers or Quinton Dunbar will be a Packer by tomorrow.

Well they already signed Dunbar to the PS so that isn't a very bold prediction. 

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55 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

Bills are more than SB good right now, they're historical good. They absolutely might start falling in DVOA, but presently they are a juggernaut and would crush us. Really any of the top teams would beat us pretty good right now I think. We're simply missing too many blues. Scene is starting to take shape for 2021 and it's clearly Buffalo and then everyone else right now.

I like the direction baltimore is headed too.


Packer wise, the defense needs to improve, and the OL needs to get healthy.  Hard for the defense to improve given the injury situation.

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31 minutes ago, FinneasGage said:

yall think the dunbar/douglas adds mean jaire is done? 


28 minutes ago, VonKarman said:

Nope. It means they don't know yet how much time he'll miss and are playing it safe.

Between Jaire's injury and the unknown that it contains along with King's recent injury and prolonged injury history, GB is being prudent in adding CB that could step in on short notice.  

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