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On 2/4/2023 at 6:42 PM, PackFan13 said:

No shot lazard is looking for 15 million, right? That's twice what he's worth 

Came a cross an interesting article on this https://greenandgoldgeeks.com/allen-lazard-contract-worth/

He is easily worth $10m AAV based off what other recievers with similar production have got paid recently. Factor in the inflation in the WR market, where the top end is getting $30m AAV. I like him a lot but I think in a poor FA WR market he is going to get paid!!!

infographic lazard_3c.jpg

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36 minutes ago, {Family Ghost} said:

Setting our sights high in GB these days!

Don’t forget our HC was a Omaha beef legend 

17 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

Maybe we can steal Vance Joseph once the Cardinals hire a coach.

Consultant or full secondary coach or what?

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1 hour ago, Leader said:


No one wants to be the bad guy… great.

I get wanting to be wanted, but it’s like what commitment does Rodgers need. He is technically under contract with GB, they did that deal. Granted I know all these deals are easily broken. But it’s like on some level they tied themselves together.

I have stated and will maintain… Rodgers doesn’t want to move on. He is comfortable. And he isn’t interested in “selling out for a championship”. He is playing out his career at this point. I’m sure GB sees this, but knows they can’t just push him out.

like Favre, I’m sure they are just hoping he retires. But given the ego that these hall of famers have (and rightfully so), Rodgers will want the team to be the bad guy.

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