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First In, First Out: Ranking Eagles First Round Draft Picks


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Since the start of the Andy Reid era we've had our ups and our downs when it comes to the first round. From the McNabbs to the McDougles we've seen it all.

QB Donovan McNabb (1999)
DT Corey Simon (2000)
WR Freddie Mitchell (2001)
CB Lito Sheppard (2002)
DE Jerome McDougle (2003)
OG Shawn Andrews (2004)
DT Mike Patterson (2005)
DT Broderick Bunkley (2006)
WR Jeremy Maclin (2009)
DE Brandon Graham (2010)
OG Danny Watkins (2011)
DT Fletcher Cox (2012)
OT Lane Johnson (2013)
OLB Marcus Smith (2014)
WR Nelson Agholor (2015)
QB Carson Wentz (2016)


  1. QB Donovan McNabb (1999)
  2. DT Fletcher Cox (2012)
  3. OT Lane Johnson (2013)
  4. QB Carson Wentz (2016)
  5. CB Lito Sheppard (2002)
  6. DE Brandon Graham (2010)
  7. WR Jeremy Maclin (2009)
  8. DT Mike Patterson (2005)
  9. OG Shawn Andrews (2004)
  10. DT Corey Simon (2000)
  11. DT Broderick Bunkley (2006)
  12. WR Nelson Agholor (2015)
  13. WR Freddie Mitchell (2001)
  14. DE Jerome McDougle (2003)
  15. OLB Marcus Smith (2014)
  16. OG Danny Watkins (2011)
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I agree with your list for the most part McMc.

1. McNabb (franchise QB, Super Bowl appearance, dominated division).
2. Cox (dominant DL).
3. Johnson (dominant OL).
4. Wentz (potential franchise QB, hasn't delivered much but he wasn't awful in year 1, he's up here based on his position and expectations).
5. Sheppard (61 starts, INTs against division rivals, was good while he was healthy).
6. Andrews (before his back and mental issues, he was one of the best guards in the league).
7. Graham (he's above Maclin because he's still on the team).
8. Maclin (below Graham because Maclin's no longer part of the team).
9. Patterson (above Simon for his 99 starts).
10. Simon (below Patterson for his 91 starts).
11. Bunkley (only 52 starts as an Eagle).
12. McDougle (only thing I remember was McDougle getting shot).
13. Mitchell (greatest hands of all time).
14. Agholor (can't put him above Fred-X because Fred-X has more production at this point).
15. Watkins
16. Smith (I think Smith is a bigger bust than Watkins).

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2 hours ago, BLick12 said:

Corey Simon was a far more impactful player than Mike Patterson.  He was a force in the middle for a number of years before he got too fat.  Guy just couldn't stop eating.


For these reasons, I really relate to Corey Simon haha 

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8 minutes ago, Bednarik60 said:

Yeah thanks @Danger, thanks ... 

Its really rough. You wonder why we haven't won a Super Bowl, this is pretty much it. We can't draft, we suck at drafting. 

Even the good ones had such short shelf lives here. Like being mediocre seemed to be the prereq to stay around. 

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Im more of a letter grade guy 


QB Donovan McNabb (1999) A
DT Corey Simon (2000) B+
WR Freddie Mitchell (2001) D+
CB Lito Sheppard (2002) A-
DE Jerome McDougle (2003)D
OG Shawn Andrews (2004)B
DT Mike Patterson (2005) B-
DT Broderick Bunkley (2006) C
WR Jeremy Maclin (2009)B+
DE Brandon Graham (2010) B+
OG Danny Watkins (2011) F
DT Fletcher Cox (2012) A-
OT Lane Johnson (2013) A-
OLB Marcus Smith (2014) F
WR Nelson Agholor (2015) F
QB Carson Wentz (2016) B+


I wanted to say Incomplete for the last too but that would be BOOOORRRIIIINNNNGGGG. Just put the grades Id rank them at now

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1. Donovan McNabb - Franchise QB

2. Lito Sheppard - He was the third best man in the secondary, but it was a pretty decent secondary.

3. Shawn Andrews - Dominant when he played.

4. Fletcher Cox - Should be better than he is

5. Brandon Graham - He's worked hard and finally getting the rewards, switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 back to a 4-3 with injuries.

5. Lane Johnson - Has all the talent, less of the drugs.

6. Jeremy Maclin - Was good, but not great,

7. Broderick Bunkley - Had a great year, a good one, but not as good as he should have been.

8. Corey Simon - He was decent, bit before my time.

9. Mike Patterson - He was also decent.

10. Carson Wentz - Talent is there but didn't set the world alight, could be the best of the bunch, too early to tell.

11. Freddie Mitchell - Caught a few passes, better than Agholor

12. Jerome McDougle - Got shot, still better than Danny Watkins

13. Nelson Agholor - Garbage

14. Marcus Smith - Garbage

15. Danny Watkins - Worse than Garbage

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