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PFHOF 2018 Modern-Era Finalist Announced

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7 hours ago, 808 said:

Dawkins deserves to be in, but the Hall seems to hate safeties for whatever reason. 

Only 7 true safeties are in the HOF. Only two have made it in since 19-frickin-98, Aeneas Williams in '14 and Kenny Easly in '17. 

Williams was a corner the majority of his career. An under appreciated great one, too. People never mention him as being in that upper pantheon of corners (despite his HOF election), but he's actually one of the best I've seen. I may be mistaken, but I don't think that he moved to safety until like his last year or two. 

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Be interesting to see what happens with Hutchinson and Faneca.  Personally I think Faneca should get the nod first.  It's the first time Hutchinson is eligible and their careers are very similar so if Faneca wasn't first ballot I don't think Hutchinson should get in before him.

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57 minutes ago, JustAnotherFan said:

Lynch and Bruce getting more votes than Atwater and Holt is a joke. 

Lewis, Moss, TO, X and Boselli should all get in this year. But I won't be a bit surprised to see Moss and TO get snubbed again.

Lynch had some sort of television career after football. I remember seeing him. Media bias. For me.


Ray Lewis, Owens, Law, Jacoby and Boselli get my votes. 

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