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Onwisconsin Mock Offseason


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Coaching Changes:

Dom Capers is fired. TT takes on a new role and John Schneider comes back home to Wisconsin. John immediately  

makes a move and hires ex WI defense coordinator Dave Aranda from LSU. A move no one saw coming. 



Davante Adams 

Lane Taylor

Corey Linsley 

G. Allison

Justin McCray

Quinton Dial



Clay Matthews (part time pass rusher)

Jordy Nelson (moves to slot and works the middle like a TE)



Randall Cobb


Free Agents:

Andrew Norwell G 

Matt Moore QB 

Rashaan Melvin CB 

Donte Moncrief WR 




Round 1: Roquan Smith LB Georgia 


Round 2: Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M


Round 3: Marcus Davenport EDGE UTSA


Round 3 Comp: Hayden Hurst TE SC


Round 4:  Isaiah Wynn G Georgia 


Round 5: Tyquan Lewis EDGE Ohio St


Round 5 Comp: Ken Webster CB Miss St


Round 6: Steven Parker S Sonners 


Round 7: Jack Cichy ILB Wisconsin 


Round 7 Comp: D'Cota Dixon S Wisconsin 

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First off, welcome to the forum @OnWisconsin.  We used to have a poster by a similar username before, are you by chance him returning?  If not, welcome anyways.

Always glad to see more mocks on the forum.  In the future, might I suggest adding pictures and even commentary to the picks.  Tends to generate more discussion that way.

Really like Raquon Smith, but I really question the value of using a1st round pick on off-ball LB.  I think the board would have to be obliterated in order for me to do so.  I'd have to imagine that there will be an EDGE or CB of value.  Do like Smith though, just not enough to warrant using a 1st round pick on him.

Honestly, my initial thought on Kirk was that I thought he was overrated.  I haven't really seen much of him, but what little I did watch I wasn't all that impressed.  Felt like there were better WR prospects in the draft.

We've recently discussed Marcus Davenport.  I know @incognito_man is really high on him.  Probably a bit higher on him than most of the forum.  I will say the tools are tantalizing, and probably goes off the board before this.

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I am the same OnWisconsin been awhile since I posted.

I completely spaced on explaining the draft picks so here we go.

I know that must prob wouldn't like Smith in the first round but when I think about the best defenses in the league now and in history middle linebacker is huge. From Luke in Carolina to the Urlacher days in Chicago to Willis in SF to Ray Lewis well you get the point I want that and I think Smith is that. Smart with high Football IQ and tackles I want him in the middle. 

Kirk I wrestled with myself some tape is amazing some maybe not so good but the measurables are there and I think we need new blood in the WR room. We need guys that can win one on one battles. With Adams locked up and getting Moncrief and Kirk we start to look scary on the edge again with Jordy running the middle.

Davenport might go higher I agree but level of comp slides him down. TBH I have had us taking Ferrell in round 1 but wanted to mix it up. Tools and ath ability are there but needs time but could def bring it for 20 snaps a game.

Hurst is my favorite TE besides Andrews in this draft. Kid is great going over the middle and has good hands. Curious to see the combine numbers on him.

Wynn is my favorite pick in the draft!!!! Watching that Rose bowl made me love this kid. Beast in the running game and I think we put him at RG and watch holes open up. 

Lewis I just wanted another pass rush haven't seen a ton of him and can't wait to see his numbers. Again depth pick.

Webster I think can become a great slot corner and help on the outside when needed. Talent is there.

Rest of the picks are kinda throw always although I think are three have special teams talent and could make the roster. 

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