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Predict the 53 man roster

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  • QB (2) Hackenberg, McCown
  • C/G (5) Carpenter, Winters, Dozier, Johnson, Harrison
  • T (4) Beachum, Shell, Ijalana, Qvale
  • WR (7) Enunwa, Anderson, Peake, Stewart, Hansen, Marks, Cannon (Marshall possible replacement for Marks or Cannon after suspension)
  • RB (3) Powell, Forte, Morris
  • FB (1) Firkser (also fits as blocking TE)
  • TE (3) ASJ, Leggett, Tomlinson

i don't see many surprises on the offense. Maybe Petty not making the team but I'm assuming Hackenberg wins the starting job, and that Petty performance doing pre season is that of a backup. Since we're already stuck paying McCown I think we try to stick Petty on practice squad. This will allow us to carry 7 receivers in the hope that someone breaks out.  I do hope that Leamon or some other young T impresses enough to beat out Qvale. IMO Qvale and Ijalana are nothing more that low level backups. I have Morris beating out McGuire purely based on his speed and possible return ability. 


  • DL (6) Wilkerson, Richardson, Williams, Pennel, Simon and Thomas
  • ILB (5) Lee, Davis, Harris, Martin, Stanford
  • OLB (4) Jenkins, Mauldin, Donahue, Bishop
  • CB (6) Claiborne, Burris, Skrine, Roberts, Williams, Coleman
  • S (4) Adams, Maye, Middleton, Miles

Biggest surprise on D is that McLendon is cut. I am second guessing myself though. Pennel and Simon are mainly NTs while McLendon is more a DT.  Thing is both are much younger and cheaper. I'm guessing Coleman will beat out the two draftees for last CB spot base on some good reviews he received at mini camp.  At S I feel Adams will not leave the field and that the other three will handle the other spot and any 3 safety looks. 

Special Teams

  • K (1) Martin
  • P (1) Lacham 
  • LS (1) Purdum 



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6 hours ago, Sapo28 said:

KD was cut over the weekend. 

Actually had high hopes for him to be a sleeper to make the team. He must have attitude issues to get cut already by 2 teams with the speed and skill set.

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