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D82's 2018 7 Rd Mock Draft w/ FREE AGENCY (01/17 EDIT)


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16 hours ago, JetsandI said:

Jets had gone without drafting a single C?  How dare you?  While O'Neill can fit in long plan, Price should be the pick as he can plug and play at C right now and stay inside in long run.




I doubt we go rookie QB with a rookie Center.

I think Macc grabs the best vet Center via free agency to go with our young QB(s)

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26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mark Andrews TE, Oklahoma <--decent Pick. i wouldnt pick him round 1. i would Look at picking Billy price here to give us an Interior Oline Upgrade. i could see us going with Adren key as well because hes super talented even tho hes not a need pick. 

45. Green Bay Packers: Mark Andrews TE, Oklahoma <--double Pick

58. Jacksonville Jaguars: Frank Ragnow C, Arkansas<--solid choice but i dont think we need to go Back to Back Interior Linemen. id look at going with Chukwuma Okorafor OT, Western Michigan to give us a Future RT

90. Jacksonville Jaguars: Michael Gallup WR, Colorado State<--i dont think hes the best WR available(Deion cain would be IMO) and i also dont think WR would be an early need unless we dont resign/tag Allen Robinson.  i would pick Hayden Hurst whos arguebly the best TE but is knocked for his age. 

128. Jacksonville Jaguars: Nick DeLuca ILB, North Dakota State<--i dont think hes worth the pick to us and i feel hes also a significant reach as well. i could see us going with Luke Falk or Riley Ferguson as we need to potentially look for a Future backup QB at the least. 

204. Jacksonville Jaguars: Deadrin Senat DT, South Florida<--i dont think we need a DT with our 3 DTs(Jackson, Dareus, Jones) along with Anoku(Rookie who played quite a bit before the trade for dareus). i would look at Cam Segrine to maybe Supplement our TE Position.  our 2 Backup TEs are just Guys IMO and competition never hurt. 

234. Jacksonville Jaguars (via CIN): Brandon Facyson CB, Virginia Tech<--good Pick. we could use a potential Outside Backup CB.

248. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cole Reyes S, North Dakota<--i dont think S is a huge need for us Plus i think Duke Dawson would be good value here and could replace Aaron Colvin whos a FA. 

 Jags needs: QB, TE, G/C, RT, LB(sam or mike but preferably sam so jack can move to ilb), WR(could move up depending wgat happens with Arob, lee, hurns), cb(could move up depending on what happens with colvin). 

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Pretty much best case scenario for the Bills.  After the trade for Rosen, the rest of the draft is elementary, but I like the focus on the Dline, the rangy LB and the speedy receiver. I would add and RB and some secondary depth with a few of the later picks.

And kudos on putting together seven rounds, it's lots of work!

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23 hours ago, Desperado82 said:

So nix the trades...did I hit the overall needs for Cleveland?

Uhm, respectfully, not even close.

This team needs and has needed a TOP TIER QB for 25 years. You didn't get one. Considering Dorsey and Hue both said that they would address that position (implied very high via the draft), then absolutely not.

The narrative that Cleveland's OL is weak is quite the opposite to be honest. Aside from HOF LT Joe Thomas, they have Bitonio and Zeitler, 2 Pro Bowl caliber OGs and JC Tretter who is an above average center. Shonn Coleman is a 2nd year player and first year starter who was average at best.

They DESPERATELY need a QB, a RB, and help at the CB positions. I wouldn't be upset with Minkah at 4, at Ridley at 21 is a nice get, along with Ateman in the 3rd, but Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, and Njoku are all pretty good to great weapons. Ateman and Ridley would add to that for sure, but who is throwing them the ball? Kizer? A free agent like Tyrod Taylor? A 1 year rental of Alex Smith? For the record, I'd love an Alex Smith trade as long as he's here to GROOM Darnold/Rosen, but refusing to address this position YET AGAIN is a colossal mistake and more of the same.

You still didn't address the QB AND the RB positions. That doesn't help this team AT ALL in 2018, but more importantly going forward in 2019 and beyond.

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I'd love it if the Buffalo Bills ended up with this draft!!!  I love Rosen and then we get Hubbard in the 2nd?  Awesome!!  I think you touched on all needs in your Mock draft the only pick I'd change is the Bills taken Cain at WR with the 2nd 3rd round pick.  But I like Cain a lot and probably over value him.  Thanks for doing a mock

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On ‎06‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 11:06 PM, Superduperman said:

Nuh-uh, not a fan

Vea is fine no matter what system they're running next year, ok

Baker is a good player but a speedy, undersized LB is not what they'll take at that position, I don't think. They have a couple of those already. It's a very good bet that whatever coach they get will use 3 linebackers more than Caldwell did, which was among the least in the league, and may even be a 4-3 coach. Either way, at least one big linebacker is needed, maybe even more, but not another small and speedy one

They shouldn't need to draft S or CB at all. They have young guys in the secondary to fill in, even if they lose all three FA's

They need DL help so bad because in the last several years, they've done little to address it until round 4 or later - just like they're doing here

We need help on the line but I don't think it needs this kind of focus. My bet is that Ansah is coming back - either franchise tag or a longer term deal. Ngata is likely to be brought back on a 1 year basis. We do need to address the line but it doesn't have to be this heavy of an investment. Zettel and Hyder are two solid rotational guys. Agree that we need some help at LB. Diggs has shown well enough at SS and Quin is a Pro Bowl Caliber player at FS. I can see us adding a CB to pair opposite Slay or someone later on to develop. I just don't see how we pass up Royce Freeman in the 5th round. RB is a huge need for us and he offers most of the things that we want in a RB.. in the 5th.

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On 1/6/2018 at 12:01 AM, Desperado82 said:

6. New York Jets: Sam Darnold QB, USC

37. New York Jets: Brian O’Neill OT, Pittsburgh 

49. New York Jets (via SEA): Tarvarus McFadden CB, Florida State

72. New York Jets: Damien Harris RB, Alabama 

109. New York Jets: Ian Thomas TE, Indiana 

158. New York Jets (via DAL): Kameron Kelly S, San Diego State 

183. New York Jets: Davin Bellamy EDGE, Georgia 

239. New York Jets (via SEA): Deontay Burnett WR, USC 


I would shed tears of joy

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I would prefer to see Detroit's draft look something like this

1) Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson: In all likelihood, Ezekiel Ansah is going to be brought back. Either on a 3 year deal or on the franchise tag. He showed enough on the tail end of the season that the Lions have to not let him just walk away. Either way, the Lions need help opposite Ansah. They'll also need someone to plug in there should Ansah not be on the roster in 2019.

2) Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford: I also believe that Ngata is going to come back. However we are pretty thin talent wise at this position. Ngata is going to start but he's a one year stop gap anyway.

3) Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin: Ebron is another player that will likely be brought back to Detroit. He's had a difficult time here but seemed to come to life the last half of this season. Fumagalli is highly talented and productive. He will have time to develop as a reserve behind Ebron. He can either replace Ebron in the next year or two or be paired up to form a dynamic duo like the Patriots ran for years.

4) Kyle Bosch, OG, WVU: Stafford was hit the second most times in the league. He needs better protection. Glasgow likely slides in at OC. We have a hole at LG even if Lang winds up being the player we intended him to be when he was signed. If not, we still need more help along the OL

5) Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon: We need SO much help in the run game. Improved OL play is going to help, having a dynamic runner with the size to generate tough yards will help. The Lions were awful at converting 3rd and 1's and scoring in the redzone. At 5'11 and 230+ lbs, Freeman has the size to be a power back. He doesn't have breakaway speed but he does have enough vision and burst to make some big plays. He's also capable of catching out of the backfield. Freeman would make a great pairing with Riddick to finally shore up the Lions rushing attack.

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On 1/6/2018 at 11:16 AM, Mastercheddaar said:

Kudos on making a 7 round mock. Don't take this the wrong way.... 

For Cleveland - I don't like it. That trade put a bad taste in my mouth. 21, 25, and 53 is about 1800 on the points scale. #1 is 3000. Plus #1 is #1. I'd want a lot more bending over the barrel if they want to give us garbage time late/playoff first rounders for the #1 overall in the draft. I would want it lopsided with  them giving us 3500+ points in return. Cleveland needs a QB for the future more than they need 2 extra late first rounders and a 2nd. 

that is all


I agree with the above. There's an easy way out, @Desperado82: this trade should be for pick #4 after the Browns pick a QB at 1 (or trade down to #2 and no further before grabbing a passer if they truly like two guys equally as franchise prospects. ). The value you have Buffalo sending is a fair value for pick 4.

On 1/6/2018 at 12:19 PM, Desperado82 said:

So how about I add in a 2019 1st and 2nd? xD

If you sent those two picks on top of everything else for pick one, that makes it tempting. If the Browns rolled the dice and then grabbed Darnold at 4, most Browns fans would fap tears of joy. 

On 1/6/2018 at 6:49 PM, INbengalfan said:

Side note:  How can the Browns make that massive trade at #1, still get a shot at Darnold at #4 and pass?  I think the fan reaction would be far worse than the news around here about bringing back Marvin Lewis.

This is what ruined it most for me as well. 

On 1/7/2018 at 7:29 AM, Desperado82 said:

So nix the trades...did I hit the overall needs for Cleveland?

Also - feel free to post your teams needs and what not so I can fix in the coming update.

There is a question as to whether Minkah would be redundant with Jabrill so would likely consider someone else there. I'm not sure what you're seeing in Ronald Jones to put him so high. He's half the player Bryce Love is,  whom you have going two rounds later. I honestly hated that pick the most. Some guys I'd prefer there would be Arden Key, Brian O'Neil, Carlton Davis, Billy Price--disagree with Cheddaar about Tretter as more than a high end swing lineman--, Denzel Ward and a few more. Isaiah Oliver to me is a mid second rounder so didn't like that pick so high with who is on the board. If the Browns draft went like this, I'd give it an F to be honest. No no no Mason Rudolph for me. Despite the lambast, I appreciate your work here. 

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