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D82's 2018 7 Rd Mock Draft w/ FREE AGENCY (01/17 EDIT)


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On 1/13/2018 at 7:31 AM, LinderFournette said:

@Desperado82 you do know coughlin is a parcells guy when it comes to drafting qbs. Hes always goes with senior guys back with his 1st jags stint and giants. 

Jackson doesnt check much of parcells boxs. 

Yeah, you're right. Removed the pick.

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First, you did a ton of work, and THANK YOU, it's fun to see these and you did a great job.  The Texans draft is VERY good.  The only thing is in Round 3 I may go Chubb or Michel, and I have attached a post below I did for someone else.   The only real friendly knock I would give is you seem to have the Texans who have been vocal that they will make splashes in FA sitting on their $70M in Cap space for some reason.  I don't see them NOT signing a LT and CB1 prior to the draft.  Here is what I said below:


For the Texans though, they have already stated (which is unlike them) that with no 1st or 2nd rounders they are planning on making big splashes in FA.  They are expected to release Brian Cushing b/c they have 3 great MLBs and RG Jeff Allen who has been terrible.  This will bring the Texans to $70M in Cap room

I don't see any way the Texans go into the draft without a LT.  They just won't.  The new GM announced yesterday his top priorities right now are an extension for Clowney (likely close to $20M, which will bring us back to $50M in Cap Space) and the O-line.  Newton will likely play RG and Davenport RT and Nick Martin at C.  I think you are right (and it's not popular) but the Texans will Resign LG Xavier Sua'Filo.  He's a Pulling Guard which is hard to come by and important in our scheme.  These moves would allow us to draft an OG in the late 3rd for depth and resign Chris Clark for OT depth.  It allows us the freedom to not have to overspend in FA, and not be forced into a pick in the early 3rd.

I have seen interesting thoughts from a few that we may trade a 4th for Jared Veldheer the LT for the Cards.  The Cards have depth at OT and Veldheer is a one year rental coming off a season ending injury.  No way we pay more than an early 4th, but an interesting thought.  The new GM Gaine is a disciple of Rick Smith and Smith's main principal via draft if BPA, so he tries to bring in value FA's to fill all major holes Prior to the draft.  

Besides LT, our next biggest need is in our Secondary.  Jonathan Joseph is gone, Kareem Jackson is mediocre and Kevin Johnson struggled but shows signs. I think we bring in a Top Tier CB and let JJo walk.   I LOVE the addition of Kenny Vaccaro to the Texans.  I really hope that happens, and I believe we have the room.  It all comes down to if he wants to leave New Orleans.  The Saints have $30M in space and Brees I'm guessing will make a team friendly deal around $18-22M for one year.  Leaves room for them to keep KV if he wants to stay, but he's a Texas boy who went to UT, so there's hope!

I would say our Top need for Future multi round drafts IF we grab a LT and CB are :   TE (CJ Fiedorowicz likely to retire),  OL, DB.   In that order.  With our early 3rd rounder though, I think if someone falls we may surprise people and grab a top RB.  People will say we have Lamar Miller and D'Onta Foreman who looked studly last year, but his BEST CASE scenario is playing Week 10 of next year.  Lamar Miller is due over $7M in 2019, so I think he's released then.  That means between now and 2020 we will have 2 RBs for 6 games...and that's best case.  Only 1/3 RBs can come back to full form after a ruptured Achilles, so we may need an RB now!  Also Alfred Blue is gone. 


Great draft/FA and hope people can use this info.


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Good lord i would be so pissed off and upset at this new draft and free agency for the Falcons bro.  That would not only be a no but a HECK NO on my end.  Not saying it can't happen as anything is possible but Dimitroff might need to get these hands after it happened to knock some sense into that man. 

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As a Pats fan this is pretty good. I'd like Okoronkwo in the first. Lamar Jackson is a bit of a weird one - he'd either be boom or bust for this system. Two picks I love are Richie James and Mark Walton. Looking at Walton, he looks like a great RB, and it might not be a need, but Walton is a great player who could start. Wideout isn't a need by any means but James could be a good replacement for Edelman and Amendola in the slot in 5 years or so.

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