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2017 Wild Card Round

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One player made a great play on that snap and it was Jordan. To me it was about as close to a tie as to whether he got out of the pocket or not as you could have. There certainly was no WR in the area. I'm 100% fine with the refs awarding the play to the guy who actually made one and not a guy trying to avoid it. 

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underrated moment was the pick on 4th and 2.  Coming out of the TO sideline huddle Justin Hardee slaps Michael Thomas on the helmet right as they break from the sideline.

At that point, it's obvious that they are targeting Thomas just from the body language of Justin Hardee (#34).  Which is what happens (confirmed by Payton after the game) but he isn't open right right away, Kurt Coleman does a great job of disrupting the clear out then getting in the passing lane. Brees clutches, gets pressured and goes deeper into his progression and deeper downfield.

Check it:






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