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Week 18: Titans vs. Chiefs

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3 minutes ago, TitanLegend said:

That and where Mularkey had to waste a challenge because they were 3 yards off on a spot where my personal highlights of the game. I've never in my life seen such stupidity like I've seen on those two plays from refs.

I will say this, they reviewed those plays super quickly and got it right. That's about the only kudos I'll give to them.

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13 minutes ago, NS922 said:

The Jags look like they could be next in line to dominate the AFC. They're not ready yet imo, but their time could be coming soon.


I don't think anyone is going to dominate the AFC like it has been the last 15 years. It will be more like the NFC, not just one of three quarterbacks going every year. Jags could definitely be a team that makes the a super bowl though. 

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8 minutes ago, Jakuvious said:

Honestly, this game was some of the worst reffing I've seen. The Mariota and Kelce non-fumbles were both atrocious. Both potentially game altering. The hold by Harris wasn't a hold. Tennessee had to challenge one of the worst live ball spots I think I've ever seen. The refs were genuinely just lost on several occasions. To the detriment and favor of both teams.

These refs better be done for the season.

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As others said the officiating was brutal overall for both teams which detracts from the game itself. But man, Andy Reid and company just totally fell apart after losing kelce. I know he's the key to the offense but to have the second half that they did is astoundingly bad. he also botched the clock big time at the end of the first half but smith bailed them out with a TD. 

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1 minute ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

Let’s be real, Henry is 100% getting that regardless. 

congrats to the Titans on the W.


2 hours ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

Sorry we gave you guys false hope :/

Congrats on unsuccessfully trolling all of Titania at halftime. Hope we both make it to the chip, so you can lose for a third time.

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