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Hello everybody and welcome to Footballs's Future 2.0! As you can see, the site just underwent a major overhaul. Loads of new features and customization options. Please explore, set up your profile pages, check out the site, and invite your friends!

Football's Future has always been a great place to meet and talk football, but we're really hoping these updates will make it even better. Help us grow our community! If you're curious about what the new forum can do, check out this quick guide in the feedback forum.

The forum rules should be familiar since they haven't changed. Remember, these rules must be followed in every post.

Also, if you have suggestions for this forum (contests, thread management ideas, whatever) feel free to comment in the feedback forum or PM a mod. Any other questions, comments, or concerns about this sub can also be brought to the mod staff. @fretgod99 and @james.mcmurry13 are your friendly, neighborhood Panthers mods. @iPwn@The LBC, and @MrDrew are the global moderators and are also available to helpShould you find yourself with concerns elsewhere on the forum, please contact a global or check the staff directory to find an appropriate moderator to help.

Whether your new to this version of the forum or new to Football's Future in general, let us know who you are in the Introduction Thread! Then stop by the general thread for any non-Panthers related talk! Thanks for sticking with us. Go start some threads, post to your heart's content, and have fun exploring the new and improved Football's Future!

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