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Former Seahawks OT Ray Roberts on Offensive Line Struggles

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I found this video and it seems pretty fascinating.  Before I link it at the bottom of this post, I will highlight some tidbits from it.

*  The Seahawks have quality players on the offensive line, the coaching is poor and not maximizing the players abilities.

*  The ZBS scheme the Seahawks use is really poorly implemented.  It is very predictable and defenses know what's coming when the ball is snapped

*  Duane Brown's play regressed as the weeks went on when he became a member of the Seahawks.  Roberts says that Brown's technique was ruined by Tom Cable and Cable has had the same negative impact on Germain Ifedi's technique.

*  Germaine Ifedi has lots of potential and ability, but Cable is such a poor coach that he has stifled Ifedi.

*  Overall the guys on the offensive line are capable of being effective in other ways than how Cable was using guys the same exact poor way all season.



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I suspected he was the issue. We have some talented young men on our line, and they should have played better. 

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