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Leisher's 2018 Mock #5


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Disclaimer, I am using Drafttek.com full 7 round Mock draft for my selections.  If you don't agree with it, argue with them about who goes in what round.  Just enjoy and think, what if?  

Offseason moves:  As much as we, or some of us have been cutting Matthews, Cobb and Nelson.  Facts are, that won't happen.  So, for this Mock, somehow the Packers get Matthews and Nelson to restructure their contracts.  Nelson makes 2018 his final NFL season.  The surprise cut will be Bulaga, age and injuries are catching up with him, time to revamp the right side of the OL.

Pre Draft Resigns:  Morgan Burnett, Richard Rodgers and Quinton Dial.  We resign Devon House to a team friendly deal after the draft, with him knowing that he will be #4 at CB.

Outside Free Agents:  Our new GM makes a splash with two major signings.  #1)  Sheldon Richardson DL Seahawks, with Richardson you add QB pressure and run support and only 27 y/o.  The front line is now Richardson  - Clark - Daniels.  Adds to the pass rush.  #2)  Justin Pugh G Giants, one of the better G's, solid and under 30 y/o.  New starting RG.  Wait, the Packers aren't done just yet.  Signing two more lower free agents that will play major role in 2018.  #1)  Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Bucs, smart, solid veteran QB.  Clearly Rodgers backup, Hundley will either battle for the #3 spot will draft QB, or be released.  #2)  Donte Moncrief WR Colts, this makes sense, his former position coach and Philibin our now Packers, young cheap WR with upside.

2018 NFL Draft

With the 14th pick, in the 2018 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select.  Wait, what's that, a trade is announced.  The Packers trade #14 to the Cleveland Browns for #33 and #35.  Browns select Denzal Ward CB Ohio St.  We wait and wait and wait, OMG it's day #2.

With the 33rd pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select.  ROQUAN SMITH ILB GEORGIA.  Packers get a smart, fast and aggressive ILB.  Starts with Martinez in the inside.  CMJ will play ILB on passing downs with Smith.  That gives you the front three, and 4 LBers that can rush.  Wait, who's the 4th, Perry-Matthews-Smith-?.  

#35.  Connor Williams T Texas.  The right side of the OL is complete.  Pugh at RG and now Williams at RT.  Country strong kid, good solid player.  Need to protect #12.

#45.  Austin Bryant Edge Clemson.  Here's your #4 on the pass rushers at LBer.  Will rotate with Perry or Matthews in 2018, then replaces Matthews in 2019.  Richardson-Clark-Daniels-Perry-Matthews-Smith-Bryant are the front 7 on passing downs.

#76.  Carlton Davis CB Auburn.  Davis will be the starting CB along with King by game 5.  House allows him to learn for 5 games and the moves back to his #4 spot behind King, Davis and Randall.

Comp:  Equanimeous St. Brown WR  Notre Dame.  Does he just scream Packers WR.  Adams and St. Brown with be #1 and #2 with Cobb, Nelson, Moncrief and ?.

#110.  Dallas Goedert TE  S.Dakota St.  Here's the future TE.  Learns behind Kendricks and Rodgers for 2018.  Could see him pushing for playing time around game #8.  (Really wanted to select Sony Michel RB Georgia here, would give the Packers that RB that Franklin was to proved before injury.) TE is a bigger need.

#141.  Justin Reid S  Stanford.  We need a replacement at S for Randall.  Hard hitting S.  Provides solid depth, Burnett, Ha Ha, Jones and Reid.

Comp:  DaeSean Hamilton WR/RS  Penn St.  Watched him in the Bowl game and just loved him.  Here's the new #6 WR.  Davis is RS only, emergency WR if injuries occur.

Comp:  Ken Webster CB  Ole Miss.  Hit or Miss here.  I read some scout love him and some don't.  Seems to be falling, but some boards have him going in 3rd or 4th, steal here.  If the scouts that love him are right, we have 5 solid CB with Davis, King, Randall, House and Webster.

Comp:  Michael Deiter C/G WI.  Depth pick here, high risk high reward type player.  Meaning, UW-Madison seems to produce OL players.  Deiter can back up Linsley and play some G, I do believe he has also played T at one time or another.

#172.  Leighton Vander Esch ILB  Boise St.  Here again is a solid player that plays with heart and passion.  Plays all over the field, just like Smith, he's a ball hawk.  Solid ST player that can and will replace Joe Thomas in the ILB group.

We all know the Packers have no 7th round pick.

Comp.  Trace McSorley QB  Penn St.  Again, watched him in the Bowl game.  Solid QB, team leader could be a solid #2 QB for years.  Battles Hundley and wins.  Hundley is released.

UDFA:  Jack Cichy OLB/ILB  WI,  Nik Needham CB UTEP, Brendan Mahon T Penn St. Dee Liner DT Arkansas St.  

Fixes:  Pass Rush (Richardson DL, Smith ILB and Bryant Edge)  Right side of OL (Pugh RG and Williams RT, Spriggs swing)  DB ( Davis, Reid and Webster) #2 QB (Fitzpatrick)  WR (Moncreif, St. Brown and Hamilton.)  TE (Goedert)  OL Depth (Deiter C/G/T)  LB/ST Depth (Vander Esch , Cichy, Hamilton, Reid and Webster).  Think I covered Packers needs.  As unrealistic as it may seem, I could live with this draft.

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9 hours ago, Hands said:

I don't see the Packers trading down this year. They earned this pick because they were always picking in the later part of round 1! Their LOFT will have to be made up wth higher picks.

I'll be majorly disappointed if Gutey trades out of the first round this year!   :(

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You can't will 2nd round pass rushers into being franchise changing pass rushers.  Team has been devoid of top talent for 6 years now and you want to trade out of the best shot we've got at getting that kind of talent.  Everybody wants to mock a different situation just for the sake of doing something different and I find it to be a pointless excursion into frivolity. 

You compound that by making picks in the second round that don't help us get better next year.

Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, Bulaga, Spriggs.  Those guys are all there next year.  Even if you assume Bulaga isn't healthy until mid season, you just added Pugh in free agency.  Adding a tackle in the second round literally takes a starter off the field unless you think we're going to nix the tight end position and just have an extra offensive lineman on the field.  Your second of three second round picks is now a zero sum "Addition."  If he's good, he's taking a perfectly capable starter we already have off the field.

Your first second round pick does literally the same thing.  I don't care what the situation is, the only time you're having Martinez and Smith on the field at the same time is in the base defense.  That's essentially a quarter of the game (basically 1st down).  This is assuming Smith even beats out Jake Ryan.  You have essentially added another zero sum "addition" to the defense, a defense which desperately needs real additions.  Our best performer last year was Blake Martinez, so what you just did is either add a backup to our best player, or take our best player off the field on passing downs.  No addition whatsoever.

Then you wait until the THIRD pick in the draft to address literally the most important position on defense, which is literally our weakest position on defense.  You can count on two hands the number of times a second round pick has been an effective STARTING pass rusher.  If you want a starting pass rusher, you go after them in round one.  If you want a pass rusher that you have the time (and the starters ahead of him) to develop, you go after them in the second-7th rounds and hope for the best.

Pass rushers that are going to be A), starters and B) without major character/personality concerns are NOT going to be found in the second round of reality with any kind of realistic regularity. 

In literally the most important draft of the past ten years and  for the next ten years, you are essentially doing nothing significant.  You improved our strongest position on defense in free agency, and then you did nothing significant to improve our biggest needs both defensively and offensively in the draft. 

Drafting a receiver at 14 makes more sense to me than trading down into the second round only to draft two positions we're already strong at before addressing our weakest position.

Improving three areas of strength (DL, RT, ILB) just makes no sense to me whatsoever. 

My bad for sounding like a ****.  I appreciate the effort and I get that mocks are supposed to be fun, so I'm definitely not trying to be a ****, I just think this entire thing would be a large step backwards for a team that needs a giant leap forwards. 

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I would trade our first round pick for Buffalo's 2 but that's about as far down as I'm willing to go.

Let's be real, if it worked this way awesome, but the site you use has some of the worst rankings I've ever seen if you can get those players of their big board at those spots. Time to switch where you get your draft info.

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3 hours ago, Pugger said:

I'll be majorly disappointed if Gutey trades out of the first round this year!   :(

That'd likely come via two trade downs.  Something like 14 to 22, and then 22 to 33 or something like that.  Don't see either team doing that kind of trade.

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9 hours ago, HyponGrey said:

With all due respect to the guys we have, we don't need another #4 guy on the EDGE. Also not sure how an ILB fixes the pass rush, if you have to blitz to fix the pass rush, you didn't fix it.

True but if we do send an ILB on a blitz its a great asset to have one that can excel at it.

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