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These former Redskins must be lucky

Doc Draper

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All are competing for a chance to go to a super bowl 

peanut butter got released after criticizing the Scotty Mac firing. He should have been here

sudfield chose to leave for eagles practice squad. 

we stupidly cut Mack Brown because we had so many “great” running backs 

The TE is a very good blocker so we don’t need that and cut him

blutto has has a resurgence and is better than what we had playing guard at the end of the year

Kobra Kai - he’s the only one we actually upgraded 

DL Ricky “Peanut butter and Jelly” Francois

QB Nate Sudfield

RB Mack Brown 

TE Michael Hoomanawanui,

G Josh Leribius

K Kai Forbath

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None of them did anything on their current teams to get them to where they are except Forbath. Francois played like a 1 million dollar player but was going to cost us $4 million.

The only one I miss is Mack Brown because I always thought he should have been starting over Kelley.

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1 hour ago, Doc Draper said:

Not saying they are superstars. Peanut butter is starting DT

do you think they are all glad they left the redskins?

thats how Kirk will feel too I presume 


RJF is the 4th DT for the Pats in a 4 man rotation. He barely plays. He was signed late in the season by the Pats after injuries after we cut him and then the Packers cut him. He definitely doesn’t start and again we were going to have to pay him $4 million - which he wasn’t worth - not a vet min like the Pats. If we could have had him for what we paid Hood then he would have been worth keeping but not for 4 times that because he’s not starter worthy.

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4 minutes ago, Slateman said:

As for Leribius, I would ask not why we cut him, but why someone else was able to get so much more out of him in such a short amount of time

They didn’t, he sucked when he had to play for the injured Unger for a few games.

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