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Expectations for Cooper Kupp


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I figured it would be interesting to discuss what your expectations are for Cooper Kupp as a rookie. We've had very little luck with rookie WRs being ready to contribute over the past decade. Will Kupp buck the trend?

Factors Weighing in Favor

  • Most productive college WR of all time
  • Age and maturity
  • Skill and football IQ

Factors Weighing Against

  • Level of college competition
  • Lacking in H/W/S measurables
  • Lack of other proven players on offense

What sort of numbers do you see Kupp putting up this year?

Bonus Question: How good do you see Kupp being during his prime?

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I'm looking forward to seeing him. Obviously we don't have any real star power at WR so I can see him making a big impact. If he's as reliable with his hands as he was in college Goff can grow to like him pretty quickly.


I can see a 500 yards and 5 TD season with him this rookie year.

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Coach Sean McVay praised third-round WR Cooper Kupp following Monday's practice.
"I see a mature rookie," McVay said of the 24-year-old. "[He's] one of those receivers that sees the game through the quarterback's eyes. He always has a plan at the line of scrimmage, understands coverages and route concepts, and I think that's what enables him to be such a productive player and very advanced for a rookie." McVay made it a point that he expects Kupp to contribute immediately. Already listed with the starters on the Rams' first depth chart, Kupp and Jared Goff reportedly have developed a strong rapport. Kupp might be the most intriguing pass-catcher on the team from a fantasy standpoint and is still free in fantasy drafts. Aug 7 - 10:13 PM
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Geez, seeing some extremely lofty expectations. There's no way he tops what Jamison Crowder did last season (68/847/7). I'm betting on numbers around 50/500/5.

Career wise, you don't want to know (much worse than Chris Godwin). Hope he gets replaced sooner rather than later.

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