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BG82 Bills Mock Offseason

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6 hours ago, LeeEvans said:

We're a run first team because we don't have a QB. Kirk played outside in the cold at Michigan State. I live in MD and he's a pretty low key guy, nothing I've ever heard about him makes me believe he cares about market size more than potential to win games. He strikes me as the type of guy who would rather join a team with potential than join a bad team in a bigger market.

Maybe I'm wrong but I've never seen anything that makes me think what you just said is fact. I still don't think we get him or maybe even go after him but I don't think our location or market size matters to him.

We are built to be run first, our O line are far better run blockers than pass blockers. We have a stud RB. We are in a place where the weather is far more run suitable than pass especially the wind.

We are far more than just a QB away from being a pass first team

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