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7 Heaven: Keenum does the miraculous

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7 hours ago, CriminalMind said:

Win or lose, Case had already wrapped up the big contract assuming no injuries.

It's gonna take $40M in gaureented money on a long term deal, for "security" to trump one year of tag potential at $23M got Case

Right, but "big contract" is quite subjective in this case (so to speak).

21 hours ago, Purple-Pride07 said:

His value to the Vikings, within this setup, is higher than it would be elsewhere. Factor in that there are 3-4 potential first-round quarterbacks available in this year's draft class and we still need to determine the long-term solutions of Kirk Cousins, A.J. McCarron, Sam Bradford, etc. - this is hardly shaping up to be a gold mine offseason for Case.

Having said that, I'm certainly not suggesting he'll sign for the minimum or something. He will get paid, but proportionate to ever mitigating factor currently floating about the atmosphere. I think the issue a lot of us in Valhalla are contending with regarding Keenum's potential 2018 contract figures are that we have a tendency of projecting it in a vacuum.

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