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Not Mock Draft 2018: Signups


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Welcome to 3rd annual "Not Mock Draft"

For those unfamiliar with the yearly rite of passage, the "Not Mock Draft" is a cross between a GM mock draft, a traditional mock draft, and a fantasy football draft.

Here are the rules:

  • 10 teams will draft a complete offense and defense from this year's 2018 NFL draft prospects in a snake style format.
  • Each player will have 12 hours to make their selection. If a team doesn't pick a player within the allocated time, a player will automatically be picked for him/her based on the CBS NFL draft prospect rankings.
  • Once a player is selected, the next team is immediately on the clock and the previous team may not renege on his/her selection.
  • Once you make a selection, please notify the next person they are on the clock.
  • If you sign up, please plan to participate for the entirety of the exercise. The "Not Mock Draft" typically goes into March.

1. Rich7sena

2. IDOG_det

3. NickChowaniec

4. brownie man

5. Da_Ducktator

6. goldfishwars

7. CWood21

8. cortes02

9. KingOfTheDot

10. gopherwrestler

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