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14 minutes ago, spilltray said:

I'd be mad if they did.


I understand wanting Peters, but Talib at that contract isn't worth it, and Shields should stay retired. I wouldn't want to be the team that let him keep getting worse. These aren't good moves.

I think the Peters move is a good move.  I think the Talib move is a good move.  I don't think they're both good moves, and I dislike the Rams a little for giving Shields the opportunity to ruin his life. 

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Panthers, Eagles, Chiefs, Redskins, Rams, Seahawks have all been a part of a player trade so far this offseason.  Which teams am I missing?  The Niners have been involved in negotiations for trades.  That's at least 7 teams.  Once that number gets to 16, and if the Packers aren't one of them, I'm calling BS on Gute saying he will explore all avenues of acquiring talent. 

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8 minutes ago, MantyWrestler said:

I’d bring him in today for a workout and if I liked what I saw I’d make a waiver claim and he’d never hit free agency. As long as I could work out a contract extension.

They release him - his contract is null and void no?

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