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14 hours ago, Leader said:

JJ Stankevitz: Fans, seemingly, are booing Andrew Luck as he walks off the field. Tons of cameras following him.

The indignation over the fans booing is annoying. These fans just had their hearts ripped out and we’re expecting them to be magnanimous?  Ridiculous. 

Fans booed, big deal. 

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Crazy to see Luck retire like that but with the amount of injuries he has had, I don't blame him. The timing makes it more surprising with how well they finished last year and the optimism over this season but this last injury must have sent him over the edge. 

Could it be argued Luck is the best QB prospect to ever come out? I use to always say if you are building a QB with a computer, you will basically get Andrew Luck. 6'5, 240lb, 4.6 40 yard dash, great arm talent, and a very good mind for the game. He was your prototypical pocket passer but could still run well . I also thought if anyone could overtake Rodgers as the most talented QB I ever saw play, it would be Luck. Sadly, injuries and bad teams really hampered his potential. 


I don't have a twitter but one thing I made sure to find were the tweets from Capt. Andrew Luck, those were great and will be missed. 

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20 minutes ago, Victor1124 said:

Jarrett Stidham is looking pretty good for the Pats. I remember hearing a few people hype him up before the draft. His arm isn't going to wow you but he seems very poised, steps up in the pocket well, and has good ball placement. 

It’s the Patriots.  A T-Rex would look great at QB for them.

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14 minutes ago, Leader said:

Antonio Brown needs a new helmet. The Oakland Raiders wide receiver lost his second grievance, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported. There are no further proceedings expected.

Wonder if he'll handle it like the crazy diva he is or just shut up and play football. 

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