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1 minute ago, {Family Ghost} said:

Thanks Seattle .. Russ is a pain in the *** to play against, so better he stays in Seattle where we have to play him a lot less.  For the record though the Packers have given him as much trouble as anyone.  His QB ratings against GB is his worst against any team.

Agree. I cant speak to the accuracy of that PFF tweet - but thats a fairly extensive offer. I'm also glad Wilson's not coming to the NFCN. For competitive reasons - plus - this entire "I dont feel part of the process here...have become dissatisfied and would accept trades to 1). 2). 3)........" - is a bad precedent for an organization located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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40 minutes ago, Leader said:

PFF  -    Chicago offered 3 first-round picks, a third and two starters for Russell Wilson. Seattle declined.


Apparently, CHI was after it.

Kinda depends on which starters they were offering. CHI probably has some high-dollar starters that aren’t especially good who they were planning on including in order to clear enough cap space for Wilson. Seattle might not want those types of players if they are going to be rebuilding.

and none of the draft picks would have been very high in the order. Chicago offered as much as they had the capability to offer. But the pieces might not have been as enticing as they first seem. 

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On 3/16/2021 at 11:03 AM, Dubz41 said:

Just go one year with Tonyan.  It'll be tough for him to have as productive year as he did last year.

If he falls to Adams' 77% catch rate and has a td on 1 of every 11 targets (which as Rodgers' TD pct) he'd have a line of 47-500-5. And those two rates are REALLY GOOD. Absent more opportunity, his numbers are probably going to look a bit more meh (though he'll still be a plus blocker, which doesn't show up in the box score but still counts). 

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John McClain -   The Texans haven’t said they’re not trading Watson since January. I expect him to be traded.

  • Andrew Brandt -   Going to keep standing on my lonely hill and say he won't be traded. They will never get equal value back.
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1 minute ago, Chili said:

The Seattle situation - eventually something has to give, Its either Russ or Carroll.

Which one will John Schneider choose?

Hopefully he chooses Carroll.

If the Seahawks trade Wilson, they’re trading him out of the division.


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